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Note from Carrie: Keep on the Lookout for LIVE DISCORD TRIVIA CONTESTS!
The LIVE TELEGRAM TRIVIA CONTEST has been going really well and it seems people are enjoying themselves. And this little ol' post is fun for those of us playing. Right? πŸ˜‰ We thought..."Why not go crazy?" 🀣 So... crazy we shall go!
THE BIG ONE: We are planning to have a ton of stat questions, ability questions, probably market questions, and of course, lore questions! Oh... and the prize pool? Possibly enough to get you to join Discord if you don't already. 😎 I mean, it's not millions, but it will be nice. 😍 I'd disclose exact amounts but we still deciding on the breakdown. Oh! And other prizes. There will be those too!
When will this beeeee? Not yet.... But! We are going to do some practice rounds on random days and times to see when is best... and to give as many as possible a chance to win stuff.πŸ₯°@carrieallen

And now... for the main attraction....

A simple trivia contest. Each week I'll ask a few questions that you must answer in the comment section to be entered into a random drawing. Every other Friday I'll post a new challenge. You'll have the entire week to answer correctly. Because we wanna get everyone more into the lore side of things. Plus! We truly do like giving away booster packs.

πŸ€“The ChallengeπŸ€“

  • You MUST answer the following questions correctly in the comment section to enter the RANDOM DRAWING.
    • Who journaled about his discovery of the Prophecy Stone? (hint: Splinterlore.com)
    • Who said, "By the waters that crash upon our rocky shores… by the mysteries of the ocean deep… by the power of thunder and the chaos of lightning, we will never be ruled again!”? (hint: Splinterlore.com)
    • Soul Harvesting is forbidden by the Dark Eternals. TRUE or FALSE
  • Also include a picture/gif of ANYTHING (safe for work, please).

Note: Entries sharing identical answers AND images will be disqualified. Everyone MUST USE A DIFFERENT PICTURE for their entry to count.

Deadline to enter: When this post pays out. I'll announce the winners and the new questions every other week.

Prizes: 9 winners will be chosen by RANDOM drawing. Each will receive 1 Booster Pack.

Places to find answers

  • Splinterlands.com - There are little bits of lore on each card, along with a LOT of information. All of which will be fair game.
  • Splinterlore.com - This is the official lore site for the Splinterlands. We are currently hosting the past winners of the Fan Fiction and Art contests along with official stories, maps and more.
  • Splinterlore Blog - This is where you'll find in-depth profiles of each character. Every morning a new one is released. Many answers will be found here.
  • Peakmonsters.com & MonsterMarket.io - These are a couple of excellent secondary markets run by the community. While our intention is to focus on lore, it's very possible I'll throw in some random stat questions. If I do, look here. 😎

Good luck!

May 16th Answers & Winners!

Who is the Dragon Banker?
Who holds a bitter grudge against the Spirit of the Forest?
Ruler of the Seas
Who controls the Puyo Stone?
Zalran Efreet

πŸ‘‰Quick Draw WinnersπŸ‘ˆ

First 3 people who entered with the correct answers.
You each win TWO Booster packs!
🌟 @ronaldoavelino 🌟 @cmplxty 🌟@cryptogeek2020 🌟


🌟 @madgol @cornavirus @fabm @jadams2k18 @simplifylife @goldmonsters @reestimers @comule @ifeoluwa88 🌟

Reminder: On off weeks you can win more Booster Packs in the Live Telegram Trivia Contest!

Places to learn more, connect and play!



Comments 9

  1. Bertrus the Archeologer
  2. The Frost Giant
  3. False


29.05.2020 18:23
  1. Bertrus the Archeologer
  2. The Frost Giant
  3. True

tenor 2.gif

29.05.2020 18:31
  1. Beltrus the Archeologer
  2. The Frost Giant3. True220pxSimplicissimus_Cover_page1669.jpg
29.05.2020 20:45

1.Bertrus the Archeologer
2.The Frost Giant

30.05.2020 15:24
  1. Bertrus the Archeologer is the one
  2. The Frost Giant is the one to say that
  3. False Soul Harvesting is not forbidden


31.05.2020 01:08
  1. Bertrus the Archeologer journaled about the Prophecy Stone
  2. The Frost Giant
  3. False Soul Harvesting is not forbidden by the Dark Eternals

Furious Chicken.png

02.06.2020 14:09

2.Frost Giant

beetal queen.png

02.06.2020 14:15

Congrats to the winners
1 Bertrus the Archeologer
2 The Frost Giant
3 False

03.06.2020 15:26

i will go for

1 - Bertus
2 - Frost Giant
3 - False!


05.06.2020 14:31