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Hello, Steemian community. I came back after a period of inactivity and a friend suggested that I should write a better and renovated presentation of myself. I told him that I'm going to initiate a new phase of my participation here, because I overcame a series of difficulties opposed to my desires and so begins, in fact, a new chapter of my life. So, this is my reintroduction to you. I hope it will be better than the first one.

My name is Thairon Martínez, from Venezuela. However I am commonly known by my esperantist and artistic alias Spirajn Senpretend, which is a kind of words-juggling with the phrase (in Esperanto) spiro ajna sen pretendo, that means any pretensionless breath. It's just a symbolic message of something which has became very important for my soul.

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I am a filmmaker, specialized in cinematographic editing; but I also work (and maybe more frequently) as a translator, a graphic and website designer, researcher and technology consultant, always advocating for the use and development of open-source software. At many stages I've been also an independent journalist and analyst of social and political subjects.

Nevertheless, and this is something I always have to say, my main vocation is that of philosophy, psychology and arts. As I was remembering recently —talking with a friend of mine that is a researcher in crypto and blockchain subjects—, my treatment of every issue, even the technological ones, always falls unavoidably onto the philosophical-psychological realm. On blockchain subjects, for example, I always wonder about the consequences that this new economy will have in human societies and in our views about the world (and about ourselves).

Because of that interest of my self, I've been searching my whole life for answers about the fundamental questions of the Self, the human evolution, the death, the spirit and so on. My search led me to explore religious, philosophical and esoteric streams in our society. And, at this stage of my life, I got a state of freedom and emotional stability which I always wanted to have.

Many groups and organizations have contributed to this realization. However I have to recognize that my involvement within those circles never was "complete". I always kept in high my loved doubt, my healthy doubt, and that allowed me to notice every questionable thing that arises often in those groups.

For that reason, I created my own understanding... a path of healthy rationality that took me into a very particular worldview.

Now I feel the desire to give back towards nature and the world some of these results that have set on me so much peace and healing. That's my calling.

For that reason, I've been working very hard for many years, with all my discipline and dedication, to build a series of initiatives in the field of culture that could bring powerful and healing messages to our world. And despite the catastrophe that is suffering my country —which probably you know very well—, I've managed to start this project, with little steps.

That's what my previous post was about, because I finally launched —just two days ago— my own personal website, where I will be publishing all my books (now being written), artworks, articles, videos and every other cultural product for this goal.

So, that's me. I hope to be strong enough to sustain this endeavor in the middle of this inferno in which I live, and I ask for your support, as long as you could and wish to contribute.

Please take a walk into my site and enjoy the few articles already there. Follow me at my social media pages and remain attentive to the coming creations. It's just food for our souls.

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You can share my writings on your social networks and websites; but be so kind as to inform my authorship, as well as the source of the text with a link to my blog.

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Welcome to Steem @spirajn.

Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.

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All the Best!!!

05.08.2019 15:00

You are not new so the intro tag cannot be used but ok this one indeed is better so I give advice to, join the free discord steemterminal @steenterminal for friends and help after being away

05.08.2019 20:48

Oh my... thanks for the advice @brittandjosie and sorry in any case. In fact I've been told (in some conversations on Discord channels) that this specific tag is not strictly only for new steemians, but also for those who leaved and then come back with new goals and projects inside the blockchain, as a way to reintroduce themselves for the community, among people that maybe forgot completely their participation.

In other words, I've been told that "introduceyourself" is flexible, knowing that, of course, people will not be introducing themselves constantly, because that would be a neurotic behavior.

That made sense for me, so I accepted happily the suggestion of my friend. Now I'm a bit confused. I've seen that there are some things, related to our best behavior here, that are not answered the same way by all the steemians! But maybe that's normal.

But really, thank you for the advice. I will speak with my friends about this so that this possible debate may come to a good solution.

05.08.2019 23:53

Well I like to know what discord is telling this and what account because if you leave for a while that’s your choice and when you return you are still not new to the platform..... whatever , I wish you luck and this time stick around and when you contact the friend let me know please maybe I can be in the debate

06.08.2019 06:32

Sure, I'll do. Grateful for your good wishes.

07.08.2019 05:18

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06.08.2019 05:12

Hello @spirajn

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06.08.2019 10:58

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06.08.2019 11:57

Dear @spirajn

I'm very sorry for such a late comment. I bookmarked your post a while ago but I didn't really managed to read it through until now.

So far getting to know you is nothing but pleasure and I really hope you will stick around for a while. I also hope that this new chapter in your life will go as smoothly as possible in your favour.

ps. thank you for your latest resteem


07.08.2019 11:23

I only could say the same about my opportunity to get in contact with you. It's a healthy contact, of relief and help. Good culture to grow in these spaces.

08.08.2019 00:52

Wooo, friend @spirajn very good your introduction, I wish you much success in this new beginning, may you have a lot of strength and hopefully we can support each other.

Welcome brother!

10.08.2019 02:34

Thank you very much, my friend. I hope that too. At least I know that certainly counting with your support gives me more strength.

Sure, we could help each other, so I'm going to follow you to see your posts in my feed.


10.08.2019 03:27
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