Next weeks SPinvest club vote - Steem-engine plan required

Hello everyone - This is a quick update and heads up that next weeks SPinvest club vote will be to pick a solution on how to handle a problem we are having on the Steem-engine exchange in relation to issuing SPI tokens. There is a wide-open gap that can and is being traded. Today alone there was around 300 STEEM worth of transactions done by someone buying them for 0.955 and then uncutting SPInvest selling price to resell them for 0.995 making a small profit. This results in SPinvest missing the chance to issue around 150 new tokens. I have done a video but it's a little 18+ and it's basically just me ranting and swearing at my phone for 13 minutes. It was actually very therapeutic and i felt so much better after the rant, i decided to not upload it.

Right now steem-engine is the primary source of growth to SPinvest with around 80% of new tokens being issued from it. We still sell some directly but small amounts in compansion. The way i see it and in the bluntest terms. If people can trade and undercut SPinvest's selling price on the steem-engine exchange, we don't issue tokens. SIMPLE. Right now there is 1 person doing it, but others while join and uncut the person that is uncutting us now. As this continues our sell order moves further down the line and then that's it, growth stops and the fund only grows from earnings. We need to take active action and stop this shit before it spreads and grows into a worse problem. Some may think I'm overreacting but trust me when i say this, steem-engine is our bread and butter the minute. If we cant issue on steem-engine, we will not grow.

There are a few ways to sort this out but i don't have the time to write a post right now. I will think about our options for a few days and write a more detailed post on Saturday. We really need to to take some action on this, the 95% buyback wall will not fix this but i believe we should still have one. I'll be honest, i can think of some stuff but all have more negatives than positives so i guess we'll be picking solutions from a barrel of shit and will have to take a hit one way are the other to protect our bottom dollar source of growth.

**So keep your eyes out for that post this Saturday. It will contain all the information and detail required related to the next SPinvest club vote**

And FYI, i am aware that steem-engine is a decentralized exchange and everyone is free to do as they wish. This simply does not fit our token distribution plans and we need to protect our investment by ensuring growth continues. Some may not agree with these thoughts but when things happens and people try to profit from us, we gotta cut that shit out and fix the problem so we can focus on other things.

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Upload the video....

16.01.2020 12:44


16.01.2020 20:24

This is natural, I don't think you can stop it, but I will enjoy watching you try!

Nobody 'likes' spread traders, they are called 'scalpers' and they look for arbitrage, like the kind you leave on your steem-engine market by selling for 1 and buying back at 0.95. (or w/e numbers)

You alienated me from this project for doing this, but I still would like to see you succeed, and understanding how markets work is going to be an important step for you.

16.01.2020 13:28

I'm very aware of scalpers and I'm actually surprised we've been able to operate without this problem for 7 months. I have made alot money from sports arbitrage betting for over a decade but I've never tried to make penny's on super low volume markets as it seems like a waste of time when there is easier money and more to be made elsewhere.

I think i have a grasp on how the market works and the problem could be easily fixed with a 99.99% buyback wall in place.

Thanks for the feedback.

16.01.2020 20:24

If you are willing to provide that liquidity, you are right, that is a completely viable solution. If not, the scalpers are providing a service.

16.01.2020 20:35

It's the only solution in my mind that will work. Scalpers are not providing any service, scalpers are for personal gain.

You know what, i think we both understand each other and just disagree.

17.01.2020 06:56

Like the @ecoinstar guy said, the only way to close the spread gap is increasing liquidity.

Low volume markets are the same as any other markets. And if done right, these pennies can be thousands.

And again, it's part of the game.

PS: Spread trade, scalpers, and arbitrage are totally different things.

16.01.2020 21:56

Thanks for the lesson

17.01.2020 06:57

They are the same as in "the rules are the same". The difference is mostly about liquidity, so their prices will move easily, therefore are easier to manipulate. It sucks, but at least in cryptocurrencies there is little that can be done because there is no regulations.

Yes, the PS was actually to @ecoinstar (forgot to tag him). The way he wrote it seems like it's all the same thing. If anyone else reading this still have doubts:

Spread trade - Act on high spread markets, looking for profits due to the buy and sell order prices.
Arbitrage - Look for profit on the difference between prices of different markets (buy in one and sell on the other at the same time). They don't exaclt provide liquidity, because they act on the market taker side, because they need to move fast. So they actutally remove liquidity
Scalper - Looking for profits due to small price movements during the day. They go in and out of a trade really fast, and usually only act on markets that allow margin trades (leverage).

17.01.2020 11:48

Thank you for contributing! I understood scalpers in a derogatory term sometimes used for the whole shebang, but I appreciate you differenciating.

I arbitraged his steem and steemp prices a while back and made him mad, haven't touched spi much since except to sell my mining rewards paid in spi. @spinvest has problems with others now, and as I mentioned would love to see this type of project succeed, including his.

It great that it is so open to discuss these topics. Perhaps foregoing some potential growth and providing more extreme liquidity will work out, I watch attentively.

17.01.2020 20:40

And FYI, i am aware that steem-engine is a decentralized exchange and everyone is free to do as they wish.

That includes you as far as I'm concerned or at least the voting members. Decentralisation is bandied around to allow all sorts or shitty behaviour. Write it in the constitution (if there even is one) that such behaviours not allowed. Do what you need to do. I thought this was a club of people who were supporting each other, not taking advantage. But then again I thought that when I joined Steemit and quickly learned otherwise.

I'm only a small player but this behaviour has already affected my own. As in I missed a weekly buy because I started to question whether or not this was going to be any different than the fiat world. And if it isn't, then what's the point?

I'm glad you felt better after your private rant and made post. Getting frustrated about what other people do and stewing in it is a sure way to misery. 😂

Thanks for all the effort you put in! 😍

16.01.2020 15:30

What constitution? This asset is being traded on a free open market. Anyone can participate on the market game.

And in the market game, those that see the opportunities are usually the winners.

16.01.2020 21:58

What constitution?

That's why I said "(if there even is one)". I assumed there wouldn't be. 😂

16.01.2020 22:01

"even if there is/was one"

Should have had written like that. I got a bit confused. My bad.

16.01.2020 22:14

Even though it effects me directly in terms of my investment growth I do love a good loophole. If someone is clever enough to figure it out then kudos to them and it's down to the other party to counter act it.
Would it not have been easier not to sell tokens to the person which you were aware of for some time?
Going forward why not just sell all tokens via steem engine and not directly as majority buy on steem-engine and then closes the exploitation

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16.01.2020 16:52

This would also completely close one possible arbitrage potential, but not necessarily the scalpers. His proposed 99.99 buy wall does the trick, but the reason projects don't do that is that's the money that's SUPPOSED to be doing the work of being invested and growing.

16.01.2020 20:39

100% correct, so you know my pain to have to do this. Like I've said before, I've been waiting on this :'(

17.01.2020 08:02

A 0.9999 buy back wall fixes this straight away. Maintaining that is the trick. Maybe rewarding members that participate with bonus tokens (or some new as yet unannounced, unofficial, suggestion only, admin reward token :-) ).

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16.01.2020 21:09

Yep, that's the tricky part, lol.

Was talking to underground about a reward token the other day. Great minds my friend.

17.01.2020 07:52

Don't want to sound like an asshole here, but i don't see another way:

Are you mad because a trader saw an oportunity on a free and open market to profit from the spread? I am not familiar with what this project is about or how it works, but once you put an asset to be traded openly in a free market, well... thing like this will alway happen.

Good traders always see these oportunities, and they will always take advantage of what is called "market imperfections".

So, instead of blaming the guy that is profiting from this opportunity, just focus on adjusting your distribution model.

16.01.2020 21:53

I'm not mad because someone sees the opportunity and takes advantage, I'm mad because of who the person is.

Long story short, Steem-engine is not ideal for SPinvests model and if i could remove the tokens from the exchange i would.

17.01.2020 07:24

i will take a look at your model, see if i can come up with some other idea, but what about use another token platform? there is a lot of alternatives, to create a token that might offer some market options...

For example, i remember that in the Waves DEX, you can set some rules about how much can be traded, or how long an order is allowed to be on the book.

Not sure if it would help, but...

17.01.2020 11:51

The token is set up for steem so wouldn't work anywhere else. I think it's a matter of adjusting the framework or coming to some kind of understanding.
I can see both sides of the story and they are both right so it's a bit of a shitter

17.01.2020 14:11

Can you explain further? Who is it and what does that mean?

17.01.2020 20:43

It's not you.

People have been trading SPI tokens from day 1, small volumes and by people, i have never heard of. When i see a confirmed member trading, it boils my blood because that member most likely knows that they are cutting off SPinvest's main growth source to make themselves a few STEEM. Maybe they are not aware and think it makes no difference.

From my point of view. I see for example someone over a week buying 1000 tokens at 0.955 and reselling the same 1000 tokens for 0.995 to make a 40 STEEM profit for the week. Good for that person but

18.01.2020 06:17