Introducing The Newest Branch of SPinvest - @spinvest-votes - Welcoming All Club Members Aboard

Hello all, @conradsuperb here. If you haven't already heard, @spinvest has created a new branch, which was introduced a day or so ago in a post put out by the Steem Power Investment Club's main fund page. I am very excited to announce that I will be running the @spinvest-votes account for SPinvest as the club's Voting Administrator.

I have taken this role for various reasons. For one, I want to help spinvest grow as much as possible. I have a pretty solid understanding of how the fund is managed and also hodl a pretty decent stake in SPI. As voting administrator, I want to keep things as transparent as possible, have everyone involved, engaging and promoting ideas for the club to vote on. I do not want this account to be me, me, me. This is an investment's club, and I intend on everyone actively participating and providing constructive criticism and support amongst all active voting members.

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In the past, club votes have normally commenced on Monday's. With my current schedule, future voting dates will be changed to weekends only, as I am too busy during the week to keep up with everything going on around here. With this being said, all future club votes will take place directly from the spinvest branch account - @spinvest-votes. On days that spinvest-votes uploads a new post, @spinvest will not post, and will resteem the new spinvest-votes post for that day. This will free up Mr. SP invest to look at other things such as how to issue more SPI tokens and also ensure the club continues to earn the most with what we have.

Similar to how club voting took place in the past, voting will be open for 1 week. After one week, voting will close and an updated post with results from the previous vote will be tallied using club member voting weights and posted for the club to view. From there, @spinvest will perform club transactions and provide proof of receipt for any investments the club makes.

In order to vote, you must meet the following criteria previously set forth by the club, which is also clearly outlined in the club's partnership agreement:

  • Must be a Confirmed SPI club member to vote
  • 1 vote per member
  • Your vote must be cast as a comment to be counted
  • Voting more once will result is no vote
  • Voting will last for 7 days until post payout
  • Results will be edited into this post

Here is a current list of all club members as of October 27, 2019:

Screenshot 29.png

I hope this brief introduction to @spinvest-votes was informative. If you should have any questions about the information presented in this introduction post, then please feel free to ask away in the comments section below. This post will also be copy and pasted into the new spinvest-votes discord channel for viewing purposes as well.

@spinvest-votes welcomes all of the following club members to join and follow the spinvest-votes branch page to stay up-to-date on how the club is voting on future investments:

@bucipuci @coolguy123 @darkmrmystic @dwingsworld @ecoinstant @ericburgoyne @erikklok @felander @flemingfarm @geke @huntforsteem @jk6276.leo @mytechtrail @oldmans @partitura @qam2112 @roger5120 @ronaldoavelino @samsemilia7 @shanibeer @shitsignals @silverstackeruk @stayoutoftherz @sumatranate @taskmaster4450 @underground @welshstacker @yonnathang @conradsuperb

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Great introduction :-). I'm already set up to keep track of my information :-D

02.11.2019 20:11

Thank you, @bucipuci :)
Great to hear you are ready to go!

02.11.2019 20:25


02.11.2019 20:37

@bucipuci what is your native language ?

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02.11.2019 20:40

I am Czech

02.11.2019 20:44

Good to know :)

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05.11.2019 02:08


05.11.2019 17:25

Very Nice, I think this is a great idea and also makes more time for Mr Spinny himself...

03.11.2019 00:35

Yessir, the more time our guy spinvest has, the better. I hope to come out with a template to speed up post production. Also hope club members suggest investments they are interested in so I can review and align with our slow and steady growth goals over time.

Let’s keep it stacking UNDY

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03.11.2019 04:36

Lovely! Great advance for Steem Power Investments, thank you for taking this on.

03.11.2019 10:55

Thank you, shani. It was absolutely my pleasure. anything to help the club grow :)
will be seeing you... hope you are feeling better soon

05.11.2019 01:20

sounds like a great idea.

04.11.2019 13:54

thank you. look forward to hearing your thoughts on future investments.
cheers :)

05.11.2019 01:21