Steem Rounds 2019


So I bought a few extra Steem Rounds this year. Thank goodness my wife took pity on me and helped me sort them out. 230 doesn't seem like a lot until they're laying unsorted on the table.

I don't know how many I'll sell, and have no idea if anyone is interested in buying. To start I'll give an idea of what I for sure will sell. These pictures aren't the greatest and I'm posting this from 30,000 feet. If you see something you like, I'll be happy to post more pictures.


2019 Steem Rounds #64, #65 , #66 $100 for all three.


2019 Steem Rounds #72-#75 $120 for all four.


2017-2019 Steem Rounds #460 $105 for all three.


2017-2019 Steem Rounds #473 $105 for all three.

If anyone is interested in singles from 2017, 2018 or 2019 I'll sell those for $35 each or 3 for $100.

I'll take Steem, Dash, Bat or other crypto. Might do paypal if $$ amount is large enough.

Thank you for taking a look. If you're interested in something not posted, just let me know.

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I may see if I can round up some steem and get a few 2017 from you. I'll also let @pennsif know as I'm not oo sure if he was in the market either.

11.01.2020 18:56

Do you have #420?

11.01.2020 19:30

Nice little stash you got there! Nice to know you've got the previous years. I might be in touch. Have a good day!

11.01.2020 21:48

Handsome rounds but why not just buy kilo bars?
Just asking?
At some point you just have to trade up for gold, no?

11.01.2020 22:55

I've been pretty involved with Steem Rounds in all three years they've been minted. Coincidentally, or not, I've also invested quite a bit more in Steem over the last year. That said, I hold more Morgan's than any other single coin. Gold has been on my radar and I pick it up at auctions frequently.

11.01.2020 23:19

I never buy rounds unless I'm in my local shop and they have a cool one or two. I give those as birthday presents or first home runs for my players.
I'm buying bars until I fill up my box and trading up for double gold eagles - 1902 or earlier. MS 62.
My coin guy also recommends MS65 silver eagles.

11.01.2020 23:33

When I trade up rounds you get spot so you've lost any mint value unless it is graded.

11.01.2020 23:34

I'm gettin $18 for those

11.01.2020 23:35

$18 for which?

11.01.2020 23:42

sexy stash...
I'm glad you stepped in to buy these many otherwise we may have none... Little short on orders this year but I'm glad they were made.

12.01.2020 03:36

Wow that's a lot!! Impressive!

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12.01.2020 05:45

Do you have discord @spicyer?

12.01.2020 22:37

Yes,but not real familiar with it.

12.01.2020 22:50

I'm interested in some 2017 and 2019's... most likely two of each. My username on Discord is SyNRG#0101 if you can get ahold of me through there? If you have any issues you can let me know your username (in the bottom left corner, can click to copy - assuming it's similar across different operating systems) ... as much as I'd like to pump some more $$ into @splinterlands Steem Silver rounds too good to pass up ... 🤩 Thanks

12.01.2020 22:59

Man, that's cooler than a flapping, flying pizza dough!!!

13.01.2020 04:18

Will you be able to find 8 or 88 or 888 for me?

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15.01.2020 03:06

I'd love to grab a 2017.....Anyway to connect?

19.01.2020 03:41

Sorry for the delay. I can be reached on discord. Spicyer #8664
Thank you!

02.02.2020 13:32

2017-2019 Steem Rounds #473 $105 for all three.

I had actually been looking for a 2017 coin but couldn't pass up on the three of them when I see them up for sale. I would be interested to take the set off you if it's still there?

19.01.2020 05:53

Sorry for the delay. I was traveling for vacation and business, literally the entire month of January. I have a few days where i can ship before travels start again.

02.02.2020 13:29

No worries. I'm out of the country myself at the moment but flying home tonight. I'll message you tomorrow on discord if that's OK and set up the deal.

02.02.2020 13:45

Sounds great! Safe travels.

02.02.2020 15:03

2017-2019 Steem Rounds #460 $105 for all three.
2017-2019 Steem Rounds #473 $105 for all three.

are the two series still available?
Can I pay with Steem or SBD?
cheers and a little nit of !BEER 🤠

27.01.2020 09:32

View or trade BEER.

Hey @spicyer, here is a little bit of BEER from @reiseamateur for you. Enjoy it!

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27.01.2020 09:32