History about the top 3 oceans and images in the world

Greetings steemians i will like to enlighten you all on the top 3 oceans recognize by every one in the world but before I start I will make a definition of an ocean for you.


The World Ocean or Global Ocean (colloquially the Sea or the Oceans) is the interconnected system of the oceanic Waters of the seas, and comprises the bulk of the hydrosphere, covering 361,132,000 square kilometres (139,434,000 square miles) or 70.8% of Earth's surface, with a total volume of roughly 1,332,000,000 cubic kilometres (320,000,000 cubic miles).

What are the top 3 oceans in the world:

The three include the Arctic, North Atlantic, and Indian ocean.

Arctic ocean:
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The Arctic Ocean is Earth's northernmost body of water. It encircles the Arctic, and flows beneath it. Most of the Arctic Ocean is covered by ice throughout the year—although that is starting to change as temperatures climb. Pale and stark on the surface, the Arctic Ocean is home to a stunning array of life.

North Atlantic:
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Atlantic Ocean, body of salt water covering approximately one-fifth of Earth’s surface and separating the continents of Europe and Africa to the east from those of North and South America to the west. The ocean’s name, derived from Greek mythology, means the “Sea of Atlas.” It is second in size to the Pacific Ocean.

Indian ocean:
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The Indian Ocean is the third-largest of the world's oceanic divisions, covering 70,560,000 km² or 19.8% of the water on Earth's surface. It is bounded by Asia to the north, Africa to the west and Australia to the east. To the south it is bounded by the Southern Ocean or Antarctica, depending on the definition in use. 

Area: 70.56 million km²
Mean depth: 3,890 m
Max. depth: 7,258 m (23,812 ft); (Java Trench)
Shore length1: 66,526 km
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