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Twitter has rolled out the Dark Mode Theme feature for Android users. This feature is named Lights Out. This feature was made available on the iOS platform 6 months ago. Now after 6 months this feature has also been rolled out on Android platform. This new feature has been made available only in the alpha version on the Twitter app. Let us know that the Light Out mode is different from any other dark theme. This feature will work better on smartphones that come with OLED displays.

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Under this, the user interface of the app will be black instead of dark blue or gray theme. This will also reduce battery consumption. Dark blue or gray themes are given in the dark mode feature. OLED-friendly dark mode will currently be available on the 8.19.0-alpha.03 alpha version of Twitter Android. In this case, this version has been made available for a few Android users. No information has been given as to how long it will be rolled out for all Twitter users.

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