Winner of steemmonsters card giveaway #86 and announcement of giveaway #88 [Rare card]

On the last giveaway a total of 7 people joined. Now it's winner selection time.
The winner of last giveaway is @elemental010 . Winner is picked randomly. Congratulation @elemental010 . Your card will be sent soon....

Announcement of giveaway #88

SKELETAL WARRIOR Element : Death Edition : Reward Type : Monster Rarity : Rare

How to get this card?

What you have to do is just leave a comment with your steem monster username. Comments on this post until the age hits 24 hours will be considered as a valid request for participation. After 24 hours, i will pick up all of the usernames from comment and randomly pick a username and select winner. I will be doing an announcement post after sending the card to the winner.

User commenting more than one, will be disqualified. User need not to upvote or resteem the post for attending the giveaway. But resteeming will be highly appreciated as it will attract more people to join.

You can join my [discord server]() where you can get cheap card notification and also 3% cashback on purchase. I am working on more updates which could be useful for you.

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