Out Now! Wav-Legion Millionaire - Full Album

Wav-Legion is a multi-genre fusion music project with Canadian Producer/Musician wav-Dr. @wav-dr and California Chameleon Singer-Songwriter Shavon "Bonnie Legion"

wav-Dr. & Bonnie Legion Wav-Legion Millionaire is a 15 track Full Album release

with producer features Psionic Tremors @psionic-tremors Billy Korg @NuPulse and Metropolis Music

This is our 3rd album release so far since starting our collaborative fusion music connection back in November of 2018.    wav-Dr. Continues to rock my world on a serious level when it comes to music inspiration.  His flair for sound fusion is top knotch and really fits into the pocket the kind of multi-genre sound play I have been looking for for a long time.   We are on a full run here with over 70 full track collaborations and are gonna be starting in on our 5th official album any day now.    Albums released so far include Wav-Legion, Wav-Legion II, Wav-Legion -Millionaire and Coming October 10th Wav-Legion TimeZones.  

Get ready for a fusion multi-genre sound explosion Electronic, Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Singer-Songwriter

OUT NOW full album Wav-Legion Millionaire

wav-Dr. & Bonnie Legion  - Wav-Legion Millionaire




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Track List

1. Millionaire

2. Beyond Expectations Feat. Billy Korg

3. Bahoo Feat. Psionic Tremors

4. Unwind Feat. Metropolis Music

5. Another Day of Pretending

6. The Other Side

7. Holy Shit

8. Push Through

9. Toes in the Sand

10. Turbulence

11. Feel It

12. Outta Sight

13. War Song Feat. Lucy

14. Rogue Wave

15. Underground

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Wav-Legion II

Coming Soon October 10th 2019 Wav-Legion TimeZones which will feature tracks with Tyger Tyger, Psionic Tremors, Billy Korg, Bufinjer, Metropolis Music, D-Vine, David Far, Jantzen, and Ethanol Addiktz 








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02.10.2019 21:49

Such an amazing sound journey.

03.10.2019 00:20

All albums are unique. Amazing. A great job has been done and it is magnificent.

03.10.2019 04:50

Good luck & prosperity! ;)

03.10.2019 07:39

Awesome guys listened to the whole thing love your work... stay awesome
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04.10.2019 19:27

Awesome work! What you're doing is super inspiring! I hope things really take off in a major way for you soon as you're so deserving of it in my opinion. I've thought that for a long time and think that even more than ever. All the best to you always!

PS... I messaged you on Facebook a lil while back as I need some advice or help with some music stuff for a project I'm working on, I dunno if you saw it or not but could you respond some time when you have some time? Thank you.

04.10.2019 23:52

Hello @soundlegion, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

06.10.2019 04:52

First of all congrats on the release :) it has to be satisfying when one pulls a full lp out :) I have to take some time to listen to them but will find you on spotify :). Blessings talented lady!

07.10.2019 16:54