Now helpageindia is active on Twitter


Dear steemians,
Today @helpageindia joined on Twitter. I love to invite all our subscribers of @helpageindia to join us on Twitter.

That is another initiative we have taken for this community. I hope we will get your support.

We desire to develop this community and also need to work honestly so that many writers are able to get the appreciations which they deserve.

We can't walk alone without your support. So please share your posts on @helpageindia and also share your feedback through comments.

I would also like to invite @steemcurators - @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02, @steemcurator03.

Please encourage our writers so that they get inspiration to do better work continuously.
I like to request @booming01 @booming02 @booming03 to support our community writers.

Many of them are working so well. I already mentioned names in my previous posts.

I believe you all agree that at the end of the day, everyone waits for appreciation to develop themselves.

From today onwards, we will share @helpageindia posts on Twitter so that many others can see how @helpageindia is working.

Another thing I would like to request, please help our writers protect themselves from the scammers. Who are intentionally using their power the wrong way and destroying the hard work of genuine authors.

If today this is happening in this community, maybe tomorrow they can destroy other community members' hard work.

Maybe we are several communities, and the process of our work is different. But we all are here because of these writers, so our first responsibility is to protect them from unwanted people.

Today I request the country head of @bestofindia @sttemcurator07 @sapwood @rishabh99946 to please guide us.

You also belong to an Indian community we need; your help and support to protect the genuine users.

I believe @helpageindia will get your guidance and support; So that we can develop and continue our journey together in @steemit for a prolonged period.


Below I mentioned our Twitter link, please follow:-
Check out Helpageindia (@Helpageindia1):

Comments 5

good initiative for our community. cause i believe our community day by day growing up .

07.04.2021 22:20

@sonu98 Great initiative 👍

08.04.2021 05:28

Good news for our community.

08.04.2021 06:49

i will try to follow this .thanks for opening Twitter account.

08.04.2021 16:55

It's really good initiative for engagements others people.

08.04.2021 17:20