BILLCRYPT REVIEW: a multifunctional blockchain system

The BILLCRYPT is robust blockchain technology that develop a universal decentralized platform billcrypt Pl, where companies, professional, expert of various field, specialist, product and services are unified for the purpose of fulfilling project aims , and objectives and also mission and vision of startup project in the crypto industry both online and offline.

Through this medium ideals are born and innovated to solve potential challenges in the global community where project founders and enthusiast brainstorm issues and which will result to the creation of blockchain represented called BR.


The billcrypt platform came with new concept which have never be done the history of the cryptocurrency innovations which are listed below

Blockchain Representation
Virtual Image Part
Initial VIP Offering


The billcrypt have a sophisticated algorithm that makes the platform more scalable. The scalability of the platform makes multi interaction per second more flexible and this make the billcrypt unique in quality services delivery.

The billcrypt a decentralized blockchain technology allows both companies and expert to relate with each other in decentralized manner where geographical location of the individual or institutions becomes irrelevant. This means that there are no trans- border barriers in making business deals.

The billcrypt design the most secure node which on the platform for each users of the platform which makes it difficult for dip web or surface web hackers to gain access to their privacy. This is the first technology created to make privacy more secure due to the increase rate of cyber activities. Hence safety is the number one watch word in the billcrypt platform.

The billcrypt design the platform in such a way that there are no restriction on how you should interacted , that is no body controls or monitors your activities ,which is the freedom everyone both crypto enthusiast desire and offline representative. This means there is high level of transparency on the platform.

Social integration of billcrypt is design features by the team to allow fluent and effective communication among the platform users, the model is to help orient and develop a multifunctional business innovations.


Billcrypt is design to make the project in the crypto space more access to all, easily to understand the visions of potential project and also to make the blockchain technology to be easily affordable by interested users.
Billcrypt built a secure representative offices with friendly interface that can be navigate without the help of any third party.

The billcrypt build a robust economic business model that is more interesting and first in history to help startup and existing project to leverage on to boost their business and project in part of the world.
Despite the challenges the existing project faces in the crypto space the billcrypt is design to be proactive and profound solution that is more scalable and reliable any time need arises.

For project to become more success the billcrypt create and ecosystem which is an adjacent niches where founders of project and investors can have mutual communication and development of the project. That is with the help of the billcrypt there is room for connectivity within a secure ecosystem.

Billcrypt integrate renowned business innovation such as B2B, B2G etc. into the platform by leverage on the blockchain technology to create a transparent business transactions.

The billcrypt is so amazing by integrating business representative to business representative know as BR to BR in one single platform to help increase the productivity of service of companies.

The billcrypt introduces more advance technology to serve the blockchain industry better than what is use to be by integrating other project ,system and services in to the billcrypt ecosystem to form a formidable force in delivering the mission and vision of project according to timeline .


SELL TOKEN July 3 - September 30, 2019 or upon reaching Hard cap
ITO price - 1 BILC = 1 USD = 0.005 ETH
Soft cup = 10 000 000 USD = 50 000 ETH
Hard cup = 80 000 000 USD = 400 000 ETH
44% problem = 66,880,000 BILC will be available for sale on ITO

Token distribution


The emergence of the idea of creating a unified multifunctional blockchain platform for existing businesses, investment projects and investors.

Conceptual formation; Technology, tasks, solutions.

2nd quarter of 2018
Project development, economic systems and security systems; Negotiating and signing agreements with project partners, current participants of the investment group; Write smart contracts for BILLCRYPT token; Prepare to close before selling; June 27 launched BILLCRYPT (trial version); Start accepting applications for sale before closing, price 1BILC = $ 0.5

3rd quarter of 2018
Time trials; Continue to develop projects, economic systems and security systems; 08.08.2018 issued BILLCRYPT - emission of 152,000, 000 BILC Previous sale: 1BILC price = $ 0.5 Minimum to buy 10,000 BILC = 5,000 $ Convert investment fund from existing investors (soon) to BILLCRYPT

4th quarter of 2018
Continuing work on projects and economic systems WhitePaper v.1 Development has completed Create a project website. October 18 - begins the final phase of the pre-sale opening. Price of 1BILC = 0.6. Minimum to buy 10,000 BILC = $ 6,000. November 16 - open first sale (accept application). Price of 1BILC = 0.75 dollars. Minimum to buy 20,000 BILC = 15,000 dollars

First quarter of 2019
Modeling project process; Introduce terms and concepts of BR and ViP; Create innovative economic models; WhitePaper v.2; Negotiating with institutional investors.

2nd quarter of 2019
Expanding the concept of BR; Modeling system processes; Introduce terminology and concepts about IVO (Initial provisioning); WhitePaper v.3; Localizing languages (French, Spanish, Korean, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, etc.) Marketing, PR & advertising before starting to sell Token; Connect with the main data of the project on the electronic money world; Negotiating with institutional investors.

3rd quarter of 2019
ITO starts July 3, 2012. 13:15 UTC Price 1 BILC = $ 1. Legal. Application for exchange. Complete ITO 30.09.2019 05:03 UTC or when the lid is hard. Complete BILC distribution. Exchange list

4th quarter of 2019
Platform development, infrastructure, design, layout, MVP; Integrating platform with external resources; BILLCRYPT exchange transaction started; BILLCRYPT economic development.

First quarter of 2020
Running the BR test on the platform; Testing ViP; Increase market presence;

2nd quarter of 2020
The complexity of the works on the economic and technical development of the platform; Testing time for BR & ViP

3rd quarter of 2020
Launch all platform functions; Launching BR with basic functions; Launch of IVO (Initial provisioning); Start on the foundation of collaborative projects; Start closing before selling cooperative projects from the pool;

Q4 2020
Full-featured BR launch; Integrated solution; Start opening cooperative projects before sales; Start ICO partner projects

2021 and more
Expanding platform capabilities; World BR expansion & BILLCRYPT


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