SGL Week 20 Winners Announcement!

Hello and welcome to week 20 of SGL! I am still a little blown away we have made it this far, but even better yet is we're getting more and more entries each week and starting to see some new faces as well.

This week was incredible, so many brilliant entries it really was an amazing week of extraordinary performances.

But with things running late as we tend to by the end of our week, lets get things moving with this weeks winners!

First Place:

@minuetoacademy - Sonic Groove Live - Week 20 | Pescador de Hombres (Original Song) by @minuetoacademy

First Place Wins:

  • 5000 Sonic Groove delegation for 4 weeks!
  • 100 Steem
  • 100 Creative Coin
  • 200 Sonic Groove
  • 30 HLPE token
  • Winning post will be featured in SGL's weekly winner's announcement post.
  • Winning post promoted on
  • Winning post resteemed by SGL account to sit as the top post for at least 3 days
  • Winning post will be tweeted by the SGL twitter account and pinned for 3 days
  • Winning post will receive a 100% upvote from the Helpie account


"Absolutely beautiful composition. The melody of your performance was singing like a lovely bird."


"This piece had such a profound effect on me. I closed my eyes to better listen and was transported, deeply moved by the heartfelt music that spills through your capable fingers – music that somehow speaks to both hopeful joy and melancholy all at once. I'm struck by your ability to convey such a broad spectrum of emotion without uttering a single word. Absolutely gorgeous."


"This piece of music was just so immensely captivating for the instant you started playing, you had me hooked and the emotion it provokes is just so compelling - I absolutely adore this composition, you have created such an amazing and complete sound, feeling and movement.

I especially love the transition into the higher notes adding this almost angelic feel to the piece, there is just so much sweetness and warmth to this music - it's hard not to get swept away by it.

I was moved by the power of this piece of music you have created, what an absolute masterpiece - it just makes the listener feel from the moment you begin, it's truly incredible to hear and behold.

I have been loving you music for longer than I can remember, this week was no different with you creating such a sublimely stunning piece of music and sharing it with us - I cannot wait to hear and see more!"

Second Place:

@danaidhbee - Sonic Groove Live #20 - The Bramble Bush - A Danaidhbee Original

Second Place Wins:

  • 50 Creative Coin
  • 100 Sonic Groove
  • 20 HLPE token
  • Winning post will be featured in SGL's weekly winner's announcement post
  • Winning post promoted on
  • Winning post resteemed by SGL to sit at second post place for at least 3 days
  • Winning post will be tweeted by the SGL twitter account


"This song made me want to do a happy dance ... and I don't like being happy ... or great job!"


"For a second entry this is truly incredible, you have absolutely captured our attention and hearts with these amazing compositions - I can safely say I am becoming a big fan of not only your music but how you perform them as well.

You have an amazing ability on the guitar, it is like an extension of your body and everything seems to come so naturally - this was just such a compelling and energetic performance, I was transfixed from the instant you started until the very end.

I have to also mention your vocals, you have a stunning relaxed natural tone - with so much power behind it, I love your individual style of music but I do have to say I am curious exactly what you can do with your voice.

This was just an amazing performance and you have really made a brilliant first impression, I am expecting big things from you - I really look forward to keep hearing more from you in the future, but absolutely fantastic performance and entry!"

Third Place:

@origen1618 - Sonic Groove Live Week #20 "Lo Saben Mis Zapatos" - Cover -

Third Place Wins:

  • 50 Creative Coin
  • 75 Sonic Groove
  • 10 HLPE token
  • Winning post will be featured in SGL's weekly winner's announcement post
  • Winning post promoted on
  • Winning post resteemed by SGL to sit at third post place for at least 3 days
  • Winning post will be tweeted by the SGL twitter account


"Your voice is gorgeous ... lovely performance!"


"I'm so in love with the tender sensitivity of your pristine voice. It envelopes my heart – like a warm honey salve – calming all the aches and pains it touches. You truly have a gift, my dear."


"I'm a sucker for really beautiful vocals and my friend you always deliver such stunning vocal displays, it's impossible for me not to be completely blown away when I hear something so stunning.

You have a lovely clear tone, your mixing is perfection - the music as background but I can hear you perfectly above your accompaniment, it's just so amazing to hear and feel.

There is just so much emotion in your vocals, it's really hard not to get completely taken away by a piece of music like this when performed so well - it really is just completely captivating and breathtaking to behold.

I just couldn't get enough of this performance, just absolutely stunning on every single level - I always want to hear more, so keep up the fantastic work!"

Communities Choice:

Nobody promoted any entries this week


As I said before it was an absolutely amazing week of entries, I truly hope you will go and check out all our brilliant entrants and show them some love - without them none of the would be possible, also massive thanks to the SGL family you guys do so much to keep things moving behind the scenes. Please remember submissions open Thursday 1 am CST / Thursday 6 am UTC and will close at Saturday 1 am CST / Saturday 6 am UTC, remember you can record in advance and schedule your post's to be sure you submit within the open window.

Until next time keep groovin!

Please check out our amazing artists that performed this week and show them some love <3


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Hola! Me siento muy agradecido y sorprendido, gracias @isaria, @zipporah, @krystle, por esas palabras tan alendadoras y emotivas. Gracias a todo el equipo de "Sonic Groove Live". Felicitaciones a todos los participantes y ganadores, un gran abrazo. Gracias Dios mio :)

Hello! I feel very grateful and surprised, thanks @isaria, @zipporah, @krystle, for those very encouraging and emotional words. Thanks to the entire "Sonic Groove Live" team. Congratulations to all participants and winners, a big hug. Thank my God :)

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Do I just need to post my entry on Thursday or Friday? Are there any other rules? I keep meaning to enter, but then I forget to do it.

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