Meet the Sonic Groove Live team!

Hello and welcome to all the musicians and music lovers out there, we wanted to create an amazing home and opportunity for the brilliant musicians present on our platform - so we have decided to create Sonic Groove Live, a community for musicians run by musicians.

When @isaria and @swelker101 started the Sonic Groove tribe I was thrilled and eager to get involved, I became a curator and new this could be something amazing - then @isaria and myself (@krystle) started chatting about the possibility of starting up a new music contest, soon after Sonic Groove Live or SGL was born.

It has taken some time to get things set up so we can ensure this contest runs smoothly, that process is still ongoing but finally in it's final stages - but this included assembling the SGL team, I knew we needed talented musicians already known and active in the community.

We not only needed judges, but sponsors, marketing, socials - we needed a full team of people to ensure we can always keep this contest running smoothly, so without delay here's the SGL team!


Sponsor and Developer.

Fixer of Things, Knower of Stuff, Drop Bear Wrangler.

Former sponsor and developer for the Open Mic contest since 2017, he is a top 20 witness and has been actively supporting the steem community since joining in July 2016. With a strong focus on programming and developing open sourced tools and applications to enhance the user experience on steem.. He is a co-founder and co-chair of PAL and is responsible for the @centerlink account being made and funded to support Australian steemians for #teamaustralia.


Tie break Judge and Sponsor.

Master of Triangle, Lord of Kazoo, aka Shane, we always Blame Shane

Shane is obsessed with music and excels at both Triangle and Kazoo hence his prestigious titles listed above, he has co-hosted weekly radio show's dedicated to the musicians on the platform and even features his skill with the Triangle in performances such as the one in the gif above ^.

He also co founded both the Creative Coin tribe and the Sonic Groove tribe and is a part of the Palnet team, but most of all he is Shane and Shane is always to blame!

@isaria -

Founder and Judge, Socials and Communities, Marketing and Scouting

Mother of Cat's, Kicker of Shane.

I'm Isaria and I'm a musician, composer, pianist, guitarist, teacher, and feline magnet.

I'm the creator of msp-music, Creative Coin, Sonic Groove, and I'm on the Palnet team.

I've been doing The Steem Creative Show on msp-waves for over a year as well as my weekly music curation and music/art contests.

I'm also the Music Director for Splinterlands. Also, I love cats ... and Cheezits.

@krystle -

Founder, Judge, Socials and Communities, Marketing and Scouting.

Cracker of Whips, Maker of Chains, Dragon Whisperer, Australian Linguistics Specialist aka Aussie Profanity Specialist.

I was an Open Mic judge on steem for over two years, in that time I also co-hosted a variety of music radio shows from Steem Musicians, Songwriters Shoptalk and the Sounds of Steem. I also co-created, sponsored and judged the songwriters workshop.

I have studied music at TAFE and performed in countless live events since I was a young child, I am a singer/songwriter and all round fan of music in general.

I am also a fantasy fiction author and love combining my passion, for writing and music together as a music reviewer.

For this reason I am also curator for Sonic Groove and have been an active steemian for over three years now.

@pechichemena -

Judge, Socials and Communities.

Señor Avocado, aka The Piggy

Hello everyone ! I am Pechiche Mena and I am a full-time musician and producer from Ecuador. Also a music educator and all around nerd.

I record and play professionally for different artists and everyday I am around the music studio. All tech aside I am a fan of good melodies, song and performance.

I am a fan of good stories and lyrics and btw.. my native language is Spanish :wink: Looking forward to hearing your entries !

@zipporah -

Judge, Brand Design, Graphic Design and Marketing

Resident Hummingbird

Howdy, groovers! Zippy here. You may be familiar with my photography – or perhaps through the occasional song I’ve entered into past contests – or the video work I’ve done for Splinterlands; I do a lot of things.

Career-wise, it’s my camera work that has sustained me for the last 13+ years. But…in the quiet spaces between all of life’s pressing obligations – it’s music that feeds my spirit and keeps me alive; it is the most potent medicine.

Voice is my primary instrument, as it was FREE and always available – I’ve essentially been singing since before I could talk. I picked up guitar about 24 years ago and began weaving words into melodies. Though I’ve never pursued music, professionally, songwriting is my purest form of emotional expression and my greatest love.

I’m deeply honored by the invitation to be part of this initiative. Creating the logo and promotional materials has been an absolute joy. I can hardly wait to hear the gems all you brilliant musicians have to offer. I’ll be listening with a grateful smile.

@josecabrerav -

Judge, Socials and Communities, Marketing and Scouting, Spanish Translator

I want to be a Salmon, climbin rivers, other fishes think I'm crazy but I follow my nature.


I'm, José Cabrera, I have many things I am passionate about like science, spirituality and of course the arts. I am 19 years old and have been participating on steem trough my music for almost two years now.

My greatest love is writing and composing music, that I can then share with the world. I play live in the streets daily, sharing my arts with the Venezuelans, people that truly need music to feel happy.

@paintingangels -

Sponsor, Socials and Communities, Marketing and Scouting,

The Murderess of Crow, Bullshit and Sarcasm Specialist

Serena has been an active member of the steem music community for about a year and a half now. She has been a stand-alone curator of all things STEEM for a very long time, and especially enjoys focusing on music and art, particularly songwriters and poets.

She is a witness team member for @helpie, and a founding member of @helpiecake.

In her past as a musician she has released 6 albums (self-produced, 2 of which were released on the Lost Cat Records label).. was a music reviewer for Gods of Music, and has simply enjoyed writing songs and playing music in her spare time.

She was also the first musician to be featured in Jewel's indie music project, Soul City Cafe, in 2002. She says that she is very excited to be a part of SGL, and to be a SG curator.

Well there it is, the team (so far at least). We hope that we can help create an amazing community for both musicians and music lovers alike, we have a few more surprises up our sleeves and I can't wait to get to share them all with you!

This was a carefully selected team and we are all stoked to be a part of something amazing, we have hopes of seeing this contest rise to the greatest height possible with this dedicated team. We hope you can take this journey along with us, even if your not a musician yourself you're welcome to join our little family and just enjoy great music!

Submissions for entry for week 1 of SGL have now ended, please go check out and support these awesome musicians!


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08.09.2019 21:36

I love knowing that I am surrounded by unique and special people. Thanks guys!!. Good vibes and much love for everyone!

08.09.2019 21:49


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09.09.2019 13:46

That's a great team you've assembled and hopefully will lead to a successful tribe, great competitions and a whole new batch of talented musicians added to STEEM.

09.09.2019 13:47

why peche use dat fake pechi pic.

09.09.2019 15:56

‘Cause...he’s Pechi 👀🐷

09.09.2019 17:45


09.09.2019 17:48

Reads like an A-Team of the steemit open-mic! whoot, can't wait to see how this grows.

09.09.2019 16:21

Hello @sonicgroovelive, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

12.09.2019 08:02