Lightning Bitcoin channels from THOR, buy your Chanel with a specific quantity

Lightning Network Bitcoin Channels

The first thing that you need is to create an account in the following link (it's not necessary deposit in your account to buy)
Bitrefill Mainsite!

Now in the maing page select in the section lightning the product (with the same name)
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-------------------------CHANNEL TYPE---------------------------

Select the type of channel that you need if you want a more fast that is most expensive.
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Depending the Channel type selected the "Satoshis Capacity it's variable", and now you select one and click in purchase
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-----------------------METHOD TO PAY---------------------------

There is a different methods to pay and you to have select one, if you have balance in your account it's ok for this.
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Depending to the pay method selected you need to have do it.
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--------------------LIGHTNING WALLET------------------------

And now it only remains to configure your new payment channel in your wallet, it is better if you configure the one found in the link below.
Enjoy your instant bitcoin micro payments!
Lightning Wallet "Android"
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