[ANNOUNCEMENT] Soft Fork 0.22.2 released + Steem-in-a-box update

As you may have seen already, Soft Fork 0.22.2 was initiated by many of our top witnesses today.

I, @someguy123 decided that the fork was necessary to protect the network, and I'm currently producing on 0.22.2

A statement, written collaboratively by witnesses, developers and stakeholders about the update has been released here: https://goldvoice.club/steem/@softfork222/soft-fork-222

The TL;DR; is: 0.22.2 blocks the following operations from Steemit Inc's accounts:

  • Voting for Witnesses
  • Setting their witness voting proxy
  • Voting on Steem Proposals
  • Voting on posts
  • Powering down SP / Powering up STEEM
  • Transferring STEEM/SBD to accounts / transferring to savings
  • Creating orders on the internal market

For more specific information about the accounts affected and the operations blocked, see the collaborative statement.

This is in response to concerns towards Justin Sun's motivations. Using the power of the Steemit Inc accounts, Justin could potentially re-shuffle the top 20 witnesses to push through a hard fork against the communities will.

Important note: This soft fork is not permanent. The "freezing" of Steemit's accounts can be undone in a future fork if Justin can prove that the stake will not be used maliciously.

Steem-in-a-box 2.1.0 has been released

Github Release: https://github.com/Someguy123/steem-docker/releases/tag/v2.1.0

Summary: Various small feature additions / improvements to SIAB (Steem-in-a-box)

Changelog for 2.1.0 release

  • Added example.env file, showing various .env options that can be configured
  • Added STEEM_SOURCE build argument to dkr/Dockerfile and dkr_full/Dockerfile - this allows for the default Git repository to be changed if needed, e.g. building forks / testing changes made on personal fork

Changes to run.sh

  • Now uses Privex ShellCore, so I don't have to keep copy-pasting code snippets into the project.
  • Added STEEM_SOURCE env var which can be overrided using export STEEM_SOURCE=xxx or by adding the config option to .env
  • build() supports STEEM_SOURCE as both a build arg, and env fallback.

    • First checks if STEEM_SOURCE was specified in the CLI build arguments
    • If it was specified in the CLI build arguments, then that takes precedence and the env var STEEM_SOURCE will be ignored.
    • If it WASN'T specified in the build arguments, it will add a build argument for STEEM_SOURCE using the env var STEEM_SOURCE
  • The env option PORTS now supports the more specific format, allowing for exposing ports only on localhost, or only for a specific external IP address etc.

Updating Steem-in-a-box core files

Updating Steem-in-a-box's core files (i.e. the SIAB application itself) is very simple as always:

cd ~/steem-docker       # Enter the folder containing SIAB
git checkout master # Ensure you're on the right branch
git pull # Download and install (merge) any code updates

Updating Steem-in-a-box (SIAB) to 0.22.2

If you are running 0.22.0 or 0.22.1 - you can upgrade directly to 0.22.2 without needing a replay.

Upgrading non-MIRA

(i.e. installations using /dev/shm/shared_memory.bin)

cd ~/steem-docker

Ensure you're on the 'master' branch

git checkout master

Update SIAB's "core files" such as run.sh

git pull

Install the latest image and restart

./run.sh install
./run.sh restart

Upgrading MIRA

(i.e. installations using RocksDB, such as @privex's Node-in-a-box servers)

cd ~/steem-docker

Ensure you're on the 'master' branch

git checkout master

Update SIAB's "core files" such as run.sh

git pull

Install the latest MIRA-enabled image and restart

./run.sh install latest-mira
./run.sh restart

Building from source

If you don't want to use my binary images, you can build the image manually.

First make sure your Steem-in-a-box core files are up to date, as the new STEEM_SOURCE feature is a recent addition in the v2.1.0 release (released 12:13 AM UTC on Mon 24 Feb)

cd ~/steem-docker

Ensure you're on the 'master' branch

git checkout master

Update SIAB's "core files" such as run.sh

git pull

Next, you'll want to set the environment variable STEEM_SOURCE to the "community fork" repository https://github.com/SteemDevs/steem.git

# Use SteemDev's Git repository instead of steemit/steem
export STEEM_SOURCE="https://github.com/SteemDevs/steem.git"

WARNING: By default, ENABLE_MIRA is set to ON in the Dockerfile. Despite this, I strongly recommend explicitly specifying it each time, in-case the default is ever changed.

Building 0.22.2 with MIRA disabled (use shared_memory.bin)

The below command will build the branch 0.22.2 from SteemDev's repo, automatically tag it as steem (the default image used by run.sh), and passes ENABLE_MIRA=OFF to disable MIRA and use shared_memory.bin instead.

./run.sh build 0.22.2 tag steem 'ENABLE_MIRA=OFF'

Building 0.22.2 with MIRA enabled (use RocksDB)

The below command will build the branch 0.22.2 from SteemDev's repo, automatically tag it as steem (the default image used by run.sh), and passes ENABLE_MIRA=ON to ensure MIRA is enabled (uses RocksDB instead of shared_memory.bin).

./run.sh build 0.22.2 tag steem 'ENABLE_MIRA=ON'

Installing a new Steem node using Steem-in-a-box

If you'd like to save some time, consider using one of @privex's Node-in-a-box servers. They start from just $40 USD per month, and come pre-installed and pre-replayed with Steem v0.22.2 - so your node will be synced and ready to use within minutes :)

If you'd rather install Steem-in-a-box on a fresh server, please check my HF20 guide at https://goldvoice.club/steem/@someguy123/the-easy-way-to-install-or-upgrade-to-hardfork-20-steem-in-a-box - it's still accurate for HF22

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24.02.2020 03:07

According to the Bible, The Mark of a True Witness: No More, No Less

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24.02.2020 03:15

Great! I support these measures as the FUD around the acquisition is too great at the moment, with conflicting claims from all sides. I am with the community for sure!

24.02.2020 03:27

Also as some of the members are not too tech savvy, like me, I would appreciate it if we had some info about how the community can help, if at all.

24.02.2020 03:30

Voting for witnesses is the most important thing that everyone in the community can do to help.

24.02.2020 20:41

Neat! I’d try out the upgrade soon.

24.02.2020 12:36

25.02.2020 15:55