Got myself some more silver rounds to complete my tube

I wanted to complete my silver stack, or at least complete one tube of silver rounds. I got the SD Bullion freedom rounds. They are 1oz silver rounds minted by the company I bought them from.

Tesla was hanging out as I opened the packages. Though she did not seem to be as enthusiastic about my silver stacking as I was.

Theres that Bearings name again, interesting choice of names. It was a cardboard box and had a nice weight to it due to all the rounds in it.

Hoping these rounds hold value like the coins tend to do. I saw they sell on Ebay for their 1oz weight value. But if I sold them back to SD Bullion I believe they pay a little less than actual coins.

So what's next? I'm eyeing Platinum but waiting to see if a downward correction occurs before buying them. I really like the $100 platinum coins, hoping to get some before I buy any gold.

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13.09.2019 11:01

When I get my order from its labelled as batteries. With Pit Bullion, it was paper weights and door stops.

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13.09.2019 12:51

@kerrislravenhill hehe it's quite interesting how they label them. I did not know that about the other companies. Super cool

14.09.2019 10:40

Several online dealers label their boxes in that manner. I think you know why. What rounds did you get? I, too, am eyeing the fractional American Platinum Eagle.

13.09.2019 15:52

@silversaver888 yeah it's a good idea. I got the SD Bullion freedom rounds. Oh nice. If I can go for a 1oz Platinum coin American Platnium Eagle. Pretty cool it has the highest face value of any coin.. coming in at 100 dollars. But of course it's worth 10x more.

14.09.2019 10:31

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13.09.2019 17:21

You will do very well with the Melt Value of your Silver Rounds... I figure, the $100 Platinum U.S. Bullion Coins will have the "Spending Power" of $10,000 of Today's Fiat Dollars "after" the U.S. Monetary Reset...

September 13, 2019... 15.1 Hollywood Time...

13.09.2019 22:08

@pocketechange oh okay good, that's what I was thinking as well.. its .999 silver. Yeah platinum could see a big bull run it would seem. It's more rare than gold yet trading at almost half its price.

14.09.2019 10:37

Good move to diversify ...

13.09.2019 22:55

@manorvillemike agreed, gotta have some precious metals. buying them when the stock market is at all time highs hopefully will pay off when we get some big dips.

14.09.2019 10:39