Outdoor Art is My Muse

I've always liked reading and drawing ever since I can remember. There is something about producing that is so much better than consuming.

I do like looking at beautiful or interesting or creative things. Who doesn't like to watch a play, go to an art gallery or see any sort of creative performance? I also like consuming literature, play scripts and even books about famous artists and creative works.

I don't feel like getting into my favorite artists or even genres just yet.

I've been to more art galleries and performances than I can count. I do like the professional shows, but the amateur ones have a place in my heart. I like to discover new things. Trying to discover something new I've never seen is easy at most exhibits or museums. However, trying to discover something new for the community at large or the creative achievement of a people is difficult at such a place.

I guess you figured from the title my favorite venue for arts is the outdoors. Whether it is just reading a book outdoors on my balcony or even watching a movie out there. I really enjoy it. Actually, with some good wine, there is nothing more cozy and comfortable, curating and enjoying and being inspired at home. ;)

This is the best creative place and where I get my muse. source

When I do get out which is often (I'm certainly not a shut-in), one of my favorite types of art is street art. Not just the art painted on the street. I also like the art being produced and sold on the street. Being in a gallery is great, but I sometimes prefer the gallery brought to me. I also like street performers and small community plays. Outdoor theaters are my favorite. This is how theater originally was done. There is something to be said about sticking with tradition.

The last thing I like about outdoors is the use of the natural space around. Gardens are my favorite, especially when they are done with native plants. Perhaps the best part is every season is completely different and the setting changes day by day. Also, occasionally unexpected things will happen. The improvised environment just adds to the creativity. That being said, no one likes a rain date!

Doesn't this place just look perfect? Source

I recently heard of a few communities on Steem such as CCC or CreativeCoin. I plan on acquiring some of these so I can curate other's works.

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