The diary game post 24/10/2020 a busy day....

Assalamualaikum, how are you all?I hope by the grace of God everyone is well.I am also very good by the grace of God.Today, as every day, I will present my diary to you.
My diary:
Today I woke up at five in the morning and performed ablution and performed Fajr prayers.I finished the prayers and recited from the Qur'an.I read the Qur'an for about half an hour.After that I went out for a walk.I walked for a while.I came home after walking.I came home fresh.After that I had a light breakfast.
I studied for about an hour while eating biscuits.After that I took out my mobile phone without reading.I logged in to Facebook with my mobile in hand.After running Facebook for a while, I had breakfast for everyone.Had breakfast this morning,
Mashed potatoes

I finished my breakfast and started working.I started work today at nine o'clock. I have become accustomed to doing the same thing every day.Anyway I worked until noon.
Below are some pictures of my work.

work Tim ; 7RG9+49 Paikmuril bangladesh.

My works ; 7RG9+49 Paikmuril bangladesh.

Nakshi making paper ; 7RG9+49 Paikmuril bangladesh.

My Powerloom Tat:; 7RG9+49 Paikmuril bangladesh

IMG_20201025_142451.jpgYarn for making nakshi:7RG9+49 Paikmuril bangladesh

IMG_20201025_142521.jpgFabric yarn:7RG9+49 Paikmuril bangladesh

I took a bath at about one o'clock.Shortly after taking a bath, he called for Zuhr prayers.After that I went to the mosque to perform ablution and offer Zuhr prayers.

After the prayers I came and ate lunch.Had lunch today,
Blackberries are stuffed
Small fish curry
After lunch, I fell asleep like every day.I slept for about an hour and then woke up.I woke up and saw that it was almost three and a half three o'clock.

After that I got fresh and started working again.This is how I worked till almost evening.After that I was fresh.After a while, he called for Maghrib prayers.Then I performed ablution and went to the mosque to offer Maghrib prayers.I went to the mosque and performed Maghrib prayers.After that I came home and sat down to study.

After a long time today I met with the book.After many days of reading, I did not understand anything.So I could not concentrate on my studies.So I started chatting with my friend Messenger.
I had a conversation with a friend about studying.I tried to learn something from him after he was private.What else is read in the messenger.After a while the message comes, sometimes the net shows the problem, how much more!Anyway, after chatting with a friend for a long time, Esha called for prayers.

Then I performed ablution and went to the mosque to offer Esha prayers.I went to the mosque and performed Esha prayers.Then I came home and ate dinner.

Now I will login to Facebook. Then I will fall asleep. This is how I spent my day today.Many thanks to everyone for reading my diary in full.

Thanks @steemitblog Diary for the latest updates on the game.Thanks a lot @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02 for supporting me all the time.

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