Success and failure. "The real thing in life



Abandonment will destroy all things, and you must never give up, no matter how hard you try By. In other words, this word is always in the dictionary of the failures, for successful individuals always try and persevere until the end. Next.
The following are some important points that you must never give up:
1 - Don't give up because of criticism from others: Remember that one has an idea, and if you are in it As a person who doesn't dare to do what he pleases, your life will have no meaning, so be it Dare to do what pleases you, even when it is criticized.
Do not give up because it is too difficult: If you try hard no matter what There are two things going on: success and failure. But if it is abandoned, only one result will fail. If you try, even if you fail, you get the most important lessons in life that are not available By school or book. So don't give up.
3- Give up because most people think it's impossible: Whether or not it depends on your actions You are not one of them. It is important that you try your best and make it successful to prove to the people what it is You do that, it's amazing.
Do not give up even if you fail: As the saying goes, "He who fails is not a man But those who give up are the ones who fail. Therefore, even if you fail, don't give up because no one ever fails Not giving up means that the chance for success is still there.

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