BS Update Report : I have started to develop the main page for BS

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As already written in our Roadmap, the development of the BS application starts from June 6 to June 27. Therefore, on June 6 yesterday I have started developing this application myself. I started by developing the main page for a BS application.

What is BS ?BS ( Bank STEEM ) is a web-based swap application that I plan to develop in the near future. where later in this application, steemit users from Indonesia can easily buy steem or SBD with rupiah, and vice versa.

For additional information, I built this application using node js and reactjs framework. In these first three days, I started creating the navbar, footer and main page for transactions. And for display I use react-bootstrap framework.

On June 6, 2021, I will initialize the project. Then on 7th june I installed bootstrap framework. And in the next two days I didn't do any coding. I just continued on the 10th. On this day, designing the main page, creating the navbar and footer. Here's a screenshot of the commit from my work.

Screen Shot 2021-06-10 at 23.03.15.png

I built this project on the sidelines of my busy life at the store. While I sell, I am coding for the development of this project. However, I am trying to complete this project as I have listed in the roadmap in my latest post.

What will I do next?

  • take the price of steem/sbd to rupiah from another API exchange
  • create a login by verifying the cellphone number

Proof of work

Kind regard


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creative ideas here.

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Thank bro

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thank you @pennsif

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