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Vectorium project intends to tackle the predominant environmental problems of Waste generation and their improper management system.It is an innovative projects powered by blockchain technology and (AI) artificial intelligence offering solution which aim to tackle one of the major global society challenges. Vectorium project introduces 2 different cryptocurrencies, namely: Vectorium Flash which is based on Proof of Work ( PoW) and Vectroum Plus which is Proof of Stake based (Po)..In the same vein, Vectorium implements (WtC) concepts which simply means Waste to Coin. This principle of Waste to Coin indicates generating Electricity as well as Crytocurrency from Processing Waste into Energy, which will be used in mining Cryptocurrency. From Waste to Coin indicated reproducing Energy from Waste into Energy, which in turn are used to mine Cryptocurrency.

Vectorium plans to achieve the following goals:

1. Accomplishing a digital means of transferring energy from one end to another by implementing blockchain technology and AI
2. Offering a sustainable and environmental friendly blockchain mining system through the use of renewable Energy.
3. Developing an innovative system of transforming Cryptocurrency into consumable Electricity for global use.
4. Converting harmful waste into Energy and Cryptocurrencies.

There is an alarming growth of global waste and this arises from the increase in human population and rapid urbanization. The way these wastes are managed is very poor and if proper measures are not taken it going to cause a serious environmental disorder. This is one of the reason Vectorium platform has come up with their solution by inventing a Vectorium platform which will manage all these waste resources in an eco-friendly manner and turning them into useful Energy and Cryptocurrency. Vectorium team is quite futuristic, they work towards the future, which is healthy for both human and animal and intends to resolve the challenges of improper waste management in our society.

Vectorium Ecosystem Coins

Vectorium will be launching 2 different types of Cryptocurrencies in their ecosystem. As I mentioned earlier, they will be launching Vectorium Flash, a miserable coin based on Proof of Work and the core assets of the Platform.The Second coin of the ecosystem is Vectorium Plus, which is based on Proof of Stake system. The team envisions Vectorium plus to become a corporate equity in the next 4 years.In addition, Vectorum plus also attract 20% fixed interest rates on an annual basis for the holder. Below are broad of explanations of the 2 major Cryptocurrencies in Vectorium ecosystem.

(i) Vectorium Flash (VCT) : As mentioned earlier it is a coin that can be mined and its based on Zcash 2.0 codebase.It incorporates Zcash network technology.VCT will offer a highly secured blockchain with a lightening speed transaction. Vectorium Flash (VCT) is a coin backed by the ecosystem Electricity.It can be used to gain access to Electricity.Users can burn Vectorium Flash coins for fix value of electricity generated by any Vectorium Island or any electricity producer that is part of Vectorium ecosystem. Vectorium Flash supply is unlimited, though they are often burned to reduce them.

(ii) Vectorium Plus (VCTP) : It is another coin issued by Vectorium ecosystem.(VCTP) is powered on Proof of Stake consensus algorithm (PoS) and the holders of this coin are eligible to dividends from 20% of income generated from Vectorium island annually. The dividends will be distributed in VCTP Coin.
The team has designed the rate of VCTP holders dividends to be growing as the ecosystem develops. Vectorium Plus token supply is limited unlike Vectorium Flash.
As indicated in the project white paper, in the next 4 years VCTP holders will become the shareholders of the Company and become part Ownership of Vectorium Island based on the value of coins they are holding .500,000,000 million tokens VCTP is set to be the initial supply and staking interest of 20% will be distributed to VCTP holders.

Vectorium is a very quality blockchain project with a working product.Investing in Vectorium Plus will enrich the investor within a shortest period of time.The project aims to tackle one of the real-life challenges in human society and they aim to be a energy distributing platform which will provide electiricy for human consumption and crypto-mining activities. VECTORIUM coin sale is Live and the token sale is heading to the final Phase , this is the right time to purchase your token at a very attractive interest rate . #IEO #Vectorium #VectoriumPlus #VCTP #Crypto #Cryptocurrency #CryptoEnergy #blockchain

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