Student Coin , A Revolutionary DeFi based Platform with high disruptive tendency to the global Education

General Introduction

Blockchain technology is a revolutionary technology with disruptive tendency to the global economy . Blockchain architecture is decentralized , transparent and secured. There has been a lot of misconception about this technology , some class of people feels its use is only limited to the issuance of cryptographic assets and finance in general. Blockchain is a robust industry with limitless areas of application. The technology is applicable in diverse areas of the economy which will without doubt boost efficiency , transparency and achieving economy of cost. Governments, industries , Health , Education , Logistics and other industries can integrate this technology to boost their operational standards . In this publication, i will be discussing about Student Coin Platform , a blockchain based DeFI project developed with the mission to provide open network for developers across the globe , offering decentralized financial services and connecting various higher institutions of learning (Universities) across the world , allowing them to interact together on a single platform . Student Coin offers and disseminate educational services regarding blockchain technology , investments and general finance.

About Student Coin

Student Coin is a blockchain based platform which focuses on creating global audience regarding cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology . It targets Universities students across the globe , connecting them together with Universities , educating them on the user of blockchain and cryptocurrency and driving global adoption. It aims to achieve this goal through Student Coin blockchain network where students of Universities will be able to interact with one another , conduct tokenization services and seamless blockchain related services on the platform . Student Coin platform create a possibility for everyone . The facts the project is tagged student coin does not mean the platform is primarily for the Students. Investors all over the world, business entrepreneurs and Startup businesses can utilize the platform . Investors can buy and trade on Student Coin for profits , while Startup businesses , entrepreneurs can utilize the platform for tokenization which enable them create and issue tokens of their own . They can as well crowdfund their various project on the platform and list them on Student Coin Exchange. Student Coin offers a robust DeFi platform which allows users to gain access to varieties of financial services in a single platform .

Student Coin focuses on global education of Student across the world about blockchain technology, DeFi and trending technologies , hence facilitating more adoption and driving more entrants into the industry . Universities across the world can implements Student Coin network to store valuable educational data on blockchain . A good new about this platform is that over 500 Universities across the world in more than 32 countries has partnered with Student Coin project.

Student Coin envisioned to revolutionize the global educational system by integrating Education with blockchain technology and creating the world largest educational database . Student Coin wll develop a Multi-Functional ecosystem where Students and public will be able to use efficiently for their blockchain services, educational services ,DeFi services. It will varieties of DeFi services .


Student Coin offer to the Students and general users a multi functional all in one Blockchain platform where users will be able to conduct seamless decentralized financial services. Users will be able to develop their own token, crowdfunding , exchange service and gaining adequate knowledge about Blockchain technology and DeFi education. Amongst the components of the ecosystem includes :

(a) STUDENT COIN TERMINAL : It offers a simplified asset tokenization infrastructure which allows anyone to tokenize with ease without any programming knowledge. Startup willing to issue token or existing businesses willing to tokenize their business economy can make full use of Student Coin platform .

(b) STUDENT COIN EXCHANGE : To simplify the process of assets trading for the platform users, the team has developed a secured cryptocurrency exchange where users can exchange one digital assets to another .Besides, crowdfunding of projects can be conducted on Student Coin exchange . The platform ensures users get everything they need in a single platform .

(c) STUDENT COIN TOKEN : Student Coin is a native token of Student Coin ecosystem . It is a blockchain based token which qualified holders to various benefits . It empowers the holders to gain more advantages in the platform . Holders benefits from the income generated from the platform such as Crypto Exchange and voting right right to decide on the progress of the project.

(d) STUDENT COIN DeFi : Student Coin also incorporate DeFi into its platform apart from other blockchain products it offers. It offers an open Finance which allows users to invest in varieties of DeFi products such as Loans, Staking , NFT , Voting , farming and more. It offers all these services in a decentralized manner and prevent restriction to entrance of the interested users.


Student Coin is a very useful blockchain project in Crypto industry . Without doubt , the project will gain a lot of users based on the features of the platform . The development of the project is speedy , the team is working round the clock to make sure the platform kick-start operation on time . Student Coin offers so many products which will be massively subscribed by the students , investors and Universities across the globe. The token Presale is ongoing , dont miss out .#StudentCoin #STC #Blockchain #Crypto #affiliate

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Student coin is a very good project with team that has great ambition.

25.02.2021 11:52

Well composed article . i will be much interested in this type of project. thank you

25.02.2021 11:56

Project with amazing features. Would i be able to create token on STC terminal when am not a developer? i pray this is real.

25.02.2021 12:01

Nice project

25.02.2021 12:09

what are the criteria for enrolling in the educational program?

25.02.2021 12:16