Initial Model Offering (IMO) is a new blockchain powered ecosystem designed for blockchain startup fund raising management, development, and cryptocurrency trading .IMO platform has been established to restructure and correct the existing anomalies in the entire Blockchain startup fund raising system. As we all know, ICO system of fund raising has been abused, rejected, and completely outdated.ICO system of fundraising consist of several loopholes that made lots of investors lost interest in the scheme. ICO system lacks transparency and in most cases always have challenges of listing on Exchanges. In addition, they are not regulatory compliance which allows their organizers to misappropriate their investors' funds and treat them as they wish.The team of IMO platform has conducted extensive research in crypto sphere and detected several abnormalities most especially in Blockchain startup fundraising and
cryptocurrency trading arena and have proffered a sustainable solution to the challenges to the 2 major sectors .IMO platform have come up with a refined model to curb all these challenges of fund raising in crypto sphere and make Cryptocurrency investment meaningful, profitable, and worth investing for everyone.IMO has designed a high-quality model of private placement platform which will enable all blockchain projects to raise their funds with ease. The system involves obtaining investment from the investors periodically by continuous and limited private placement. As we all know the majority of the blockchain projects needs to go through fund raising phase to obtain funds for the developments of their various projects. Basically, most of these blockchain startup have to undergo 3 major phases before they could finally breakthrough. The first phase is fund raising, while the second phase is the development and lastly Marketing.IMO ecosystem has been established to offer all these services to every qualified Blockchain startup, giving them all supports they required and taking them into the limelight.As I mentioned earlier,IMO obtain investment periodically from investors, investments are collected from the investors while the project development progresses. In IMO Platform, the private placement duration can take up to 3 or 6 months, sometimes 1 year or longer. The ecosystem implements some advanced mathematical models to manage and control the market, private placement of every project is scheduled in different stages.


IMO offers a trusted and most secured crypto trading platform and assets management services to millions of users across the globe. IMO offered an encrypted Wallets exchange that protects every user's funds. The wallet is not limited to IMO token, it supports a different type of crypto currencies which makes it multi-crypto wallets.The ecosystem basically consists of 2 major platforms which includes IMO Digital Asset trading platform and their Multi - currency wallets.Several successful projects has been conducted on IMO Platform in which their markets are doing excellently well. IMO adopts some brilliants strategies to make sure the investors and Project are 100% protected.The platform has strategized and developed an anti- dump system which prevents price dumps in their ecosystem . The idea of IMO platform is brilliant and it is working. For proper confirmation, interested people can visit the platform and do their due
diligence. There are lots of project tokens in the platform which are doing excellently well. Now, i believe the question that will come to the reader's mind is how does IMO platform manage to
prevent the price dumps in their platform and here goes the answer : The strategy adopted is quite simple, when an investor bought tokens on IMO platform, only 10% of the tokens purchased are released while the 90% of the token are locked for a year while the project is going through the development and periodic fund raising. Some partial amount of the tokens are releases on daily basis but the duration for the final unlock of the rest 90% of the token is 365 days, though in most cases, duration of token unlocking is solely determined by the period of fund raising, sometimes it might not be up to a year. In another way round, investors that can't wait for the period of token unlock can buy a fully unlocked tokens though the price will be a little costly that the locked token price.


Most startup project who raise funds through ICO often have difficulty listing their projects on Exchange. IMO Exchange is always there for any Blockchain startup that list their projects in IMO platform. Apart from conducting fund raising on their behalf, they are offered a free listing
service on their exchange ,supports projects marketing and development in all phases.
IMO Cryptocurrency exchange is made available for masses. With their simplified friendly user interface, the exchange enables ease of use for newbies and professionals traders. In addition, IMO has integrated an Intelligence security system in their Cryptocurrency Exchange which alert the management in the situation of any unforeseen fraudulent activities or anomalies in the exchange wallet and ensured investor's assets are totally secured. Furthermore, as we all
know liquidity is the strength and fuel for any Digital asset trading platform, IMO exchange has surplus liquidity with various cryptocurrency trading pairs. Placing orders is instantaneous with the high speed matching engine that can handle millions of transactions per second.

Final thought,
IMO token is an utility token in IMO ecosystem, it has a different use case within the platform. Investors can choose to invest on IMO token or investing in other projects in IMO Ecosystem with IMO tokens. IMO is the new trending Blockchain fund raising system for startup. Without any doubt and based on strategies adopted by the platform to manage fund raising system, project development and marketing, IMO Model will be a very success and sustainable fund
raising Model for all blockchain Startup. As a smart investor, I feel it worth giving attention to this class of project. Be part of the revolution.

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