Gods Unchained Card Sold For 210 ETH

Moments ago, a card for the blockchain card game "Gods Unchained" sold for 210 ETH, or roughly 31.000 US Dollars.

The card, Atlas, was sold through an auction at Opensea, a popular marketplace for NFT's on the Ethereum Blockchain. Gods Unchained allows it's players to sell and trade their cards with others, with each card being minted on the Ethereum blockchain. This card marks the second highest salesprice in USD for a Gods Unchained card, with another card selling for 62.000 USD at the time of sale last year. interestingly enough, today's sale does mark the highest ETH value sale in the history of Gods Unchained, this due to a drop in prices for Ethereum since last year.

The cards in question are uniquely minted cards of the "Mythic" class, a rarity class where there will only ever be one token minted per card. with roughly 6.8 million cards in existence, one can see how rare these cards are. During the Gods Unchained presale, players had a chance of finding 2 mythic cards in packs, which is how the lucky finder got his card. sources note how the finder got the card in the first ten card packs he bought, while others had bought hundreds of packs trying to find the card.

The seller briefly surfaced in the Gods Unchained discord channel. after asking what he would do with his profits, he simply stated "Bills. I'm a normal dude. Need a new roof and furnace."

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$31,000 is a big bet on a card in a new game part of a whole new type of card games (crypto assets)!

06.12.2019 16:54