Helping hands - a call for help (&Contest)

Putting together some more pieces of the blokz puzzle tonight,..

If you don't know what blokz is about, it's a self-help oriented "company", working on rolling out a steem-powered personal development plan as well as #blokzprofile ( more info
can be viewed at (development is ongoing and currently slow as it's a one man show, volunteer?) ... Everything is free and I don't want your money, unless you decide to play the Top 25 game and/or want to support development, then please, buy my tokens.
Currently I have 5k+ SteemPower towards upvoting and other needs, like claiming account tokens, etc....

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contest rules

Comment below with a goal you have for yourself this year.
That's it. I'll send out prizes as I see goals posted.

Everything is optional in life, but I know you have goals.

Enjoy the rest of your evening, and steem on.

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are always welcome, as they say in the open source world, I'd love a beverage! With that said, these funds are for personal use, life and such, or new things (read:tech toys) for social media and entertainment, setting up and running servers, or otherwise working on blokz & life goals.

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Lose 15 pounds(or an equivalent). Last year I put in 15 pounds. I’d like to lose it, or decrease visible belly fat and keep the weight on as muscle. Working towards it right now. Maintaining my current weight as I work out so second goal is more likely.

12.03.2020 16:17

Hows your eating habits? If you drink soda, replacing with Earl grey is a solid option ^>^

13.03.2020 06:42

I’ve cut off soda for almost a year now, so no need to worry about that. I eat pretty well for like 2 weeks then feast out the third week. Think I need to stop doing that(working toward it, only feast out on weekends during that third week now).

13.03.2020 14:33

Hahahaha all the loss, for them gains!!! Love that bad strategy. You got this!!!

14.03.2020 06:45

Simple goal, get a job. May have to change career's as I have been unable to get work in my field since moving here just over a year ago.

13.03.2020 00:17

What fields have you been in?

13.03.2020 06:41

I have been doing computer support for 30 years.

13.03.2020 20:51

No luck with remote admin work? Or more hands on hardware fixing type? Keyboards and printers... Office setting?

14.03.2020 06:44

Before I moved worked for a company doing break fix IT work in small business offices. I am guessing my age is a factor in getting hired out here. Would be interested in remote work as previous job we were looking to transition to MSP type work which would be mostly remote. A couple of the customers had remote offices so I am familiar with those challenges.

14.03.2020 15:55