and many more but just to name a few.

Steemers who about a year ago where making posts that I could upvote.
Who I was interacting and have fun with on an almost daily basis.


Where are you people?

I know some of you are still visiting
the platform every now and then.

The "gun smoke" after the both HF's we've had is clearing.
"Inspected the battlefield" (although from a lay perspective)
a bit last night.
And it seems like (partly due to some big accounts here)
the "climate" is really changing.

I will not go into detail but (for example):

  • The (ab)use of bidbots is brought back substantially.
  • Downvotes (2,5 for free) are doing their work.

    For further details I'll refer to more detailed posts
    from last week. This one from @theycallmedan
    I highly recommend.

    To you all:


    Hope to see you back soon!


Comments 20

Hey @smasssh! I've been around but been out for a week cause sick. Working on (hopefully) getting a post up today. I've been working on something silly for Halloween as well. 😉 😁

08.09.2019 12:38

So you've been here all the time?
Dammit, I'm almost sure that, at least more than a year ago, I started following you. Just checked that, but for some kind of unexplainable reason it (at least without my knowledge) must have changed.
Anyway, will click on follow again right after finishing this sentence.
Good to see you back and good luck.

08.09.2019 12:53

Lol..It's all good! I left a couple times for about a month due to family stuff. I think I've even accidentally unfollowed people due to the awkward spot that the button is at too (oops). I am blonde after all..hee hee! I will forever refuse to be politically correct... 😂 🤣

08.09.2019 13:11

Yeah I miss a lot of these guys... where's @frot

08.09.2019 13:02

I've seen him, but not here regularly I believe ...

08.09.2019 13:25

You know this is a very good idea of a post. I know that people gave up and left because of the way things had gotten but yeah. It has changed. There is more of an oldschool steem vibe, which is #newsteem of course!

08.09.2019 13:06

Feel free to use the idea man. I have no patent on it.
The more we can get back on board and running again, the merrier ...

08.09.2019 13:22

I think they bought come back, some of them still use Weku and whaleshares and the like and they are worthless

08.09.2019 13:46

They'll be back!

08.09.2019 14:29

I am seeing some names in here as well of people who I always really enjoyed reading their posts...a super bummer that they arent active anymore!

08.09.2019 13:19

Hope to wake them up with this 'shout out'.

08.09.2019 13:27

maybe it will! I like the idea at least of trying to..maybe we need something more active

08.09.2019 15:59

Hahaha, nice one.

08.09.2019 17:11

Looks like the shout needs to be louder ...

10.09.2019 19:58

There are a few i didnt see for a long time but when steem Goes to the moon i Will bet you are back

08.09.2019 14:07

Which would be a pity for them, because when it moons they'll get less rewards than right now.

08.09.2019 14:23

Now i was at first looking for my name in the list though it turns out was not there. Let the bid bots be prepare to leave because there is no room for them

08.09.2019 16:50

wowww... you're a very communicative person;) so many friends here!
I am here for about 2 years, and I don't have even a half of your list (now I am thinking what's wrong with me)
And I also know some people who left steemit, I have warm memories about them, but they left (money problems, steemit problems or they just didn't succed here), though I can't say I am super successful here too.
and you know what is weird and inetersting... some days ago I was lost and depressed because I doubted if I had to go on with steemit. I have hard money times, and I had big hopes for steemit to solve my difficulties and help me in realizing of my plans and dreams. But now btc price is low, steem is on the bottom, and my plans crushed. I doubted if I am right to go on here, or maybe this shit is a sign for me to stop and start something new, a new project or a new job, any new way of income. Then I started to think and analyze. Do I like steemit? yes. Do I like having a blog here? Yes. I have found so interesting people here, I like the idea of having such an income because I am free more than ever, and more more reasons... so I have to stop just because of money? one reason against a dozen of pros. I decided that it can be a different sign - the award will come to those who will be strong enough to stay here even now. I wanna believe it is true, and steemit is not a Titanic like many people say.
Thank you for your post!!!
It gives me a push too:)
Nothing is accidental, and I've got a sign through your post too;)

09.09.2019 02:45

'so I have to stop just because of money?'
'the award will come to those who will be strong enough to stay here even now.'

Those are the two most important sentences I picked out of what you wrote.
I can imagine that it is disappointing that your plans can not come through (yet).
And I don't have a crystal ball in which I can see the future.
But having put in all that effort for 2 years, and quit now that all lot of things that were not working smoothly here, seem to getting better, would be a waste also. And not to speak about the potential of developments still to come (SMT's etc).
Steemit is not dead. It is ONLY dead, if all people here believe that.
But the vast majority of people being still active things different.

Just like you I also believe that :'the award will come to those who will be strong enough to stay here, even now.'

09.09.2019 04:48

you invested money here even during these hard times, and it calms me as well. I always listen to clever men;)

10.09.2019 02:58