Onboarding the masses! We've got to onboard the masses!


Now, before I get to the point I want to make, first I want to share a little story with you that I ran into this morning.

Once upon a time in a small village, a business man announced to the villagers that he would buy monkeys for 10 bucks each. The villagers, knew that there were many monkeys around, went out to the forest and started catching them.
The man bought thousands of them, but as supply started to diminish, the villagers stopped their effort.
So he further announced that he would now buy them for 20 bucks each. This renewed the efforts of the villagers and they started catching monkeys again. But ofcourse supply diminished even further and people stopped again their efforts. The rate was therefore increased to 25 bucks, but the supply of monkeys became so little, that it was already an effort to even see a monkey, let alone catch it.

In one last attempt the man now announced that he would buy monkeys for 50 bucks each! However, since he had to go abroad for some other business, his assistant would now buy on behalf of him.
In the absence of the man, the assistant told the villagers, "Look at all these monkeys in the big cage that the man has collected. I will sell them to you for 35 bucks each and when the man returns from his trip, you can sell them to him for 50 bucks."
The villagers squeezed up with all their savings and bought all the monkeys.

The next day the assistant was gone with all their money and they never saw him again, nor the business man.
The only thing they saw was monkeys, monkeys everywhere!

Now, to be clear, the above story is not an exact metaphore for what's going on here on the platform. No-one is getting paid to get new people onboard. Neighter I want to label newbies as monkeys.
My point nevertheless is that, if we really want to onboard "fresh blood", (and more important: KEEP THEM ONBOARD) we should also create a supportive "climate" and possibilities for them to grow.

Because, let's be honest people:
We all know that a lot of high SP Steemians here earn more money with very "every day"- and rather effortless posts, than low SP users could ever make with similar or even better written ones.

Besides that I guess I say nothing new with facts like:
  • the main written language English here, for most newbies is not their mother language
  • most hardly know anything about blockchain
  • even a 100% upvote of them is just like a wet fart and gives them hardly any, or no rewards at all.
  • the majority will not instantly invest great amounts which will increase the value of Steem massively
  • you fill in the rest ...

Unlike me, this has become a rather long post. Don't like them actually.
For that reason I stop here, but not after having said that I want to create a new tag, called #onboardthemasses (or #otm) in which I will store not only this post, but also next ones about this subject.

Besides that I want to encourage (and ask) you who read this post and have good suggestions about how, what, when etc. we can do to not only onboard the masses, but especially about what should/could be done, changed and or implemented to KEEP them on board, to write a post about it and use the tag #onboardthemasses.
This way all that will be stored under this tag will be easy to find back. And who knows what good proposal for improvement we will be able to make.

(Onboard The Masses; not to be confused with Onboard Them Asses)

Thanks for reading.

_source: independent.co.uk_



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What an un-smassssssssshy post but one that is very true! Imma find something to join in on this on board game, because it is what we need!

27.10.2019 16:33

Indeed unlike me.
But by now I have read so many post about it, as if this will skyrocket Steem.
The latest HF's have improved and "solved" certain issues indeed.
But further than that, it's not really inviting for the masses IMHO.

Await your post and will support it ofcourse.

27.10.2019 16:45

Maybe the trick is to on-board them asses after all?

28.10.2019 22:58

You're probably right and I'd better stick with those kind of posts.

Going back to the real (my) stuff right away.

For now an example, so those newbies know what we're exactly looking for ...


28.10.2019 23:14

What an absolutely fantastic... bike right there :)

This was a nice change but the Smassshy specials are a welcome break from the Steem norm too.

28.10.2019 23:20

Better do what you're good (better) at ...?

30.10.2019 05:56

You could be right about that.

30.10.2019 05:59

@smasssh good at riding bikes???

02.11.2019 10:38

@abh12345 ok this ass just turned this smasssie blog @smasssh blog to normal again. And it just took 1 ass and a bike

02.11.2019 10:37

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27.10.2019 16:41

Well, the “learning curve” needs to be way less steep. So I would say, let go of the failed SBD, and just reward people with Steem...
Then, all that resource credits “crap” is maybe important, but the masses don’t care about that at all. They just want to post and earn. So, all that nerdy stuff should just happen behind the scenes, but no more than that.

Maybe, the masses woul be interested to buy preloaded accounts with some SP already staked... So they can have already use their SP to curate...
Like a preloaded 50 USD, 100 USD, 250 USD account, with a simple but decent explanation of how that prestaked SP can be used...

Just thinking outside of the box here...

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27.10.2019 18:42

Agree about the nerdy stuff, behind the scenes indeed. Like I wrote, English is not mother language for most. That and a lot of technical stuff should only be public if it's written in a way that even a 10 year old would understand it as well.
Like that preload account idea; although a lot can maybe not afford it.

Anyway; thinking outside the box has more than once lead to greatest progress and results, so no problem here.

28.10.2019 13:25

Well those preloaded accounts could start from as little as 5 USD, which is already 35 SP at the current rates... and you can make em as big as you want, like 5000 USD or more. If you make it easy for people to buy such an account with very little hassle, I am sure there is a market for that, also for the big bucks....

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28.10.2019 19:23

A very important subject!
We all were newbies, and personally I remember how lost and sad I was when you are just invisible or ignored by all the rest because 1. You are not a whale, 2. you are not a dolphin, 3. You are not a whale's friend, 4. You don't have friends here at all.
And even if you make a good post, a piece of shit from a man with great SP earns hundreds times more.
It kills hopes and wishes to go on.
If Linda (@ca-co)had not supported me that time, I would have left too.
It's very hard not to have any support!

In Russian clown of steemit, there was a scheme for supporting newbies. There were curators, who chose good posts, and they were upvoted by whales and they got definite amount of gbg (our sbd). It was great motivation! The activity grew very much! All people wanted to be in the list of chosen ones, and they were active and created good content. I was a curator there, and I remember it well.

Now there are such services and initiatives from esteem, ocd but maybe more of them are needed.

28.10.2019 00:31

With the clone you mean Golem I think? Does the supporting system overthere still function well? And are you still there?, and curating?

Initiatives like esteem and ocd are ok, but to my opinion not "ready" enough to support the real big masses we want to onboard.

28.10.2019 13:10

yes, absolutely, they do great mission, but they don't cover and maybe can't cover all good content here.
The clon is Golos. No, I am not there now. I left it 2 years ago and came to Steemit. As far as I know there were great changes there, and they influenced on the platform negatively. Actually, the platform worked fine when I came there, but very soon it began to crush. The problems were alike: if you are not a friend of a whale, you have low chances to suceed. Even if you are a genius. Moreover, you had to know what to say and how, because you could lose support of influencial people easily. For example, I lost it in the same way;) Just wrote some words that irritated "big" men there;) And I must admit, here people are more friendly and open. I was surprised. Maybe because Steemit is much bigger, more international, Golos is more like a cage with snakes and only several nice birds.

29.10.2019 04:32

It's really hard for me to not bring people over, steem is all I talk about, some people grab the vision at once and want to jump in immediately, while some take their time. In recent times though, whats really been the hardest thing is supporting the people I brought over.

When they come, I'm not big enough to support them, nor do I have whale friends to link them to for support and I don't expect anyone to be as resilient as I am, so I've curbed how much I invite people over.

Maybe if there were some sort of mentorship program, - bring a certain amount of people, monitor their progress and mentor them, after 3 months, they prove their worth through their quality blogs and iunderstanding of the platform.....then they begin to get some sort of support, and the mentor also gets rewarded.

Rinse and repeat.

The mentors should ofcourse be based on some set of rules or guidelines.

I could be a mentor, invite maybe 5 people per month, mentor them for a specified duration of time which after completion they are accessed and granted some sort of support, and I get rewarded. Then I do it all over again.

If 100 steemians are mentors and they each invite and mentor 5 newbies for a specific amount of time in the first round, that gives us 500 newbies that will need support at the end of that round. Can we provide such support?

How about 200 steemians with 5 newbies per round, that is 1000 new accounts.

The mentors mentor their invites for 3 months, after completion and proof, the mentor is awarded and the newbie is supported.

If you ask what I can do? I can invite and mentor.
What will the system do?

28.10.2019 06:54

I have tought about a mentorship (in some kind of form) also. It could really help prevent a lot of newbies making the same mistakes (and having way too high expectations) as we have made in our early days.

Like the idea you're descibing above very much.
The big question indeed is what the system will/can do.

28.10.2019 13:00

You can do this right now, @mistakili and @smasssh. Go to @heyhaveyamet and steemterminal in discord and you will find many people to sponsor and help however you like. You do not need to invite anyone new. They are already here.

02.11.2019 09:56

Thank you sweet @fitinfun for the shoutout

02.11.2019 10:36

I hope you get some more help over there, @brittandjosie. I'm not up to speed until after steemfest now, but I will try then.Posted with

02.11.2019 10:42

Hello @smasssh, this is very interesting. I strongly agree that the majority will not immediately invest large amounts unless he has gotten good rewards. in my opinion it will make beginners be very interested in investing.

After the harfock happens, I also really want the user to be honest in any case. don't just think about yourself. but also thinking about the future of the platform. I really support beginners. and I also introduce this platform to every friend. and there are some people who joined and until now they are still active.

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28.10.2019 10:15

Investing large amounts isn't even necessary in the beginning. Let newbies first "smell" the air, look around, Absorb, Learn and ... most of all ... have Fun!

Because lets be clear: This is not for everyone. At least, not yet! Maybe when Steem has "matured" one day, it could be.

28.10.2019 13:31

I agree with your opinion.

28.10.2019 13:33

I might just be rambling and sad about steem, but here is a post for your project, smasssh.


02.11.2019 10:20

Commented on your post a minute ago.

02.11.2019 10:54
02.11.2019 11:21

Hi friend I missed this post i was onboarding
Myself on a ship op vakantie dat had ik ff nodig 😉 ok didn’t you know I hel newbies every day we help them and re introduce them again in a blog by @heyhaveyamet if they accept the discord invite we help them for free even delegate so RC s are good to go we have the red fish rally and newbie promo channel so if you want to do something let me know we can provide some names

02.11.2019 10:35

Don't worry. Can not say that I ONLY looking for the small fish to vote on, but try to support the smaller accounts (let's compare them with middle class in real life) as much as I think it is worth as well.

02.11.2019 11:02

We got those to, we see people stay after they climbed up. But every help where ever on the platform is good just as ass😉

02.11.2019 11:12