The diary game through my lid report for@smarto 8/5/2021

My 1st lid post
Location ABA ukegbu
Time 7:25
Date 8/5/2021


Good morning my friend's how are you and how was your night my night was so good because I really enjoy my night, I also wake up this morning with strong and healthy,right now I want to boil hot water to take a shower I need to go out for work because today is Saturday I need to go earlier and also come back earlier, I also pray for God to Grant everyone of us as we are going for work today and have a great day. Stay tuned for more updates..

My 2nd lid post



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Today spotlight is so very sweet I love it cause why I said I love it, is that's what my dad did for a living and also my senior brother so I have to trek with my two legs to go to there shop and captured my amaco glass, thank God I find my spotlight. My day is going great what about you guys, stay tuned for more updates ✌️✌️✌️

My 3rd lid post

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Good afternoon everyone how was your day going, my day is going great but everywhere is so dry no work so I have to find something to capture to post for my lid , some of my engineer, are busy playing game some are not doing anything. Right here for me I'm sitting down browsing,and also watch movies on my phone,also to give more updates today, stay tuned for more updates 😎😎😎

My 4th lid post


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The weather is too hot I find somewhere to stay like cool place I stay inside @solar-star shop to take some rest, so I find one guy who is selling ice cream he is a businessman,and you will see one girl and one boy they're buying ice cream because of the hot weather,I feel like licking ice cream now but I will wait till tomorrow being Sunday.. so that I will enjoy myself... stay tuned for more updates.......

My 5th lid post

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I'm back to my house so I need to Barb my hair but fortunately there are so many people there and I can't wait so I have to go back to my house then tomorrow being Sunday I will come back to Barb my hair, I really thank God for today how he guide me and protect me from my enemies thank God for that, I'm in my house now with my family..I have to sleep early and also wake up early tomorrow morning, good night everyone.....

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Your diary is well detailed dear friend and your Amaco glasses are so beautiful ❤️, thank you for always participating in the diary game.....keep steeming hot 🔥

08.05.2021 20:43

Yes dear🤝🤝

09.05.2021 09:21