The diary game through my lid report for@smarto 29/04/2021

My 1st lid post
Location ABA ukegbu


Good morning my fellow friends hope you people slept well last night, my night was good I sleep comfortable not only that, I have a sweet dream when I make money and become a rich man I pray unto that for God to do his will I'm about to go to work I'm also praying for God to Grant us safely we don't want to hear any bad news today, rather good news so that we can go and come back to anywhere we go for today,stay tuned for more updates....

My 2nd lid post

IMG_20210429_170613_539.jpgpicture location

I'm in my shop I'm not doing anything so I have to use the opportunity to look for my today spotlight I look around to find where I can see the car mechanic workshop, I really thank God that my today is going great and also I find my today's spotlight what about you people,stay tuned for more updates..👍👍👍

My 3rd lid post


When I'm coming out to work today I am I saw these people they are busy I can they refuse the dumped at the they always trying to keep our environment clean and help in promoting healthy life

My 4th lid post

IMG_20210429_222024_607.jpgpicture location

I went to look where I can buy some things I will eat this night so I decided to buy akara and yam, I don't want to cook this night that's reason why I'm buying this, so I'm calling you people to come and join me and it's for my dinner, the one you see is the one you will take, you know I pray for God to give us our daily bread for today not tomorrow, some have foid, some doesn't have food but all thanks to God that we are alive, goodnight to you people all and sweet dream to everyone...

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