The diary game through my lid report for@smarto 28/04/2021

My first morning post
Location ABA ukegbu
Time 10:25am
Date 28/04/2021

Good morning my fellow steeamians how was your night my night was so good also the weather is so cool because we have a heavy rainfall,I sleep like a baby and I thank God that I wake up with good health this morning I'm also praying for God to protect us as we are going out for today, we don't need bad news rather good news, stay tuned for more updates.

My 2nd lid post

IMG_20210428_221557_158.jpgpicture location

I really thank God for today because my day went successful, I'm so happy because I did not have problem with someone, and as I'm coming back to my house I was on my way there is a lot of traffic in waterside what causes the traffic is because there is pothole at the centre of the main road, once the vehicle reached there, they must take it slowly before they crossed to that place, I'll be in traffic like 10 minutes before I reach the place I'm stopping,right now I'm at home, thank God for today,what about you people.... stay tuned for more updates 😎😎

My 3rd lid post

IMG_20210428_221920_739.jpgpicture location

I forget to capture my today's spotlights I was thinking how I can get it but finally I find it I was at the shop thinking because no school close to my shop,so I decided whenever I'm coming back I will capture my spotlight and where I capture was where I go to secondary school from JSS1 to SS3, Wilcox memorial comprehensive secondary school... I'm happy I find my today's spotlight what about you guys....

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