The diary game through my lid report for@smarto 14/5/2021

My 1st lid post
Location ABA ogbor hill
Time 11:07am
Date. 14/5/2021

Good morning my fellow steeamians how are you, I hope you people slept well last night because my night was awesome I really enjoy it,I slept comfortable also wake up with healthy, I'm about to go to work I'm praying for God to guide us as we're going out today, stay tuned for more updates......

My 2nd lid post



Good afternoon everyone how was your day going my day is going great because I was busy working and right now I'm less busy so I use the opportunity to look for my today's spotlight, I really thank God that I find it, what about you guys? stay tuned for more updates.......

My 3rd lid post

IMG_20210514_171558_581.jpgpicture location

I was going out to buy scream to fix for my customer, I find this 40-feet container full load of Keke, I was wondering how the owner makes money,

I also thinking we didn't mean that one day I will get money to start this type of business,

I'm also praying for God to make my dream comes true... Stay tuned guys..

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