The Diary Game [February‐22, 2021] Today recruitment new steem user

My Dear steemians,
I am @sm-shagor from 🇧🇩Bangladesh🇧🇩**

February‐22, 2021

I hope everyone is well by the infinite mercy of God, I am also well.. I wake up at seven this morning like every day. When I woke up I saw my girlfriend texted me.. so I called her back and talked to her for 15 minutes.Then I went to the wash room in the morning as usual, brushed my teeth and cleaned myself very well. Then I got ready for the morning exercise and l went out..


"During the morning exercise"

Then I continued my morning exercise for half an hour then I went home... After coming home I took some rest then my mother called me for breakfast and I had breakfast. Parota and fried eggs were for breakfast this morning...

After breakfast in the morning I picked up my phone.. I logged in to my steemit account and l spent half an hour behind my estimate account. And I saw that it was already eleven o'clock in the morning.. Some workers are working to take care of our paddy field. I have to go there and look after the work...


"Workers are working in our paddy fields"

Anyway I reached the field in 10 minutes. when l went there, l saw two workers clearing the grass from the paddy field. I stayed there for about two and a half hours. I explain their work better...Then I went home..

After coming home I went to the bathroom and l took my bath. After taking my bath I had lunch. Then I went to the TV room to watch TV. And watch TV for an hour. At that time my cousin came to our house..


"Cousin and me"

Today I have to get him to join Stremit platform..He is inspired by my work however I have to spend time behind him from afternoon to evening to explain all the work to him.I gave him time till evening.


"Today I joined my cousin Steemit Username @sakib-pro "


I was talking to @eh-shohag after explaining everything to him.Just then my younger sister brought us some tea. We sat down to have tea together and chatted for a while. I had a good day today. Thank God for giving me a beautiful day gift..


Cc. @steemcurator01 , @steemcurator02


Thanks everyone for reading this post.

See you soon.

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