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Today I will discuss with you about our vegetable garden. How do we grow vegetables and what vegetables do we grow. And how to cultivate them.

The need for nutrition in the human body is immense. Vegetables play an important role in meeting the daily nutritional needs of the body. Vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals. Eating vegetables meets the vitamin needs of the peopleo we should keep vegetables in our daily food list.


Planting our vegetable garden to meet the nutritional needs of our family. It can meet the nutritional needs of our family as well as we can make a financial profit by selling it in the market. The vegetables that we find in the market are mixed with different kinds of harmful substances. These are harmful to our body. Think about what to do with our vegetable garden.

  • Now I will talk about my vegetable garden..

Various types of vegetables are cultivated in our vegetable garden. One or another vegetable is always available in our garden.. Especially in our garden to cultivate eggplant and vegetables all year round.. There have also been a variety of vegetables such as chilli potatoes,Carrot, shrimp , Sweet pumpkin, gourd etc.


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  • This is a view of the gourd tree in our garden. There are more than 20 gourd trees in our garden. From here we collect an average of 20 to 25 gourd every day. After collecting ground from the trees, the gourds are mostly sold in the market.. The benefits of our garden are cultivated in the macha system..


You can see this picture in our garden's brinjal trees in our garden all yearly, brinjal is cultivated.These trees were planted three months ago and now they have already started catching eggplants. This is how they are sold in the market.Brinjal are sold at 30bdt/$0.36 to 40bdt/$0.48 per kg.


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  • These are the kidney vetch trees in our garden.The trees we planted 15 days ago have started to grow and have become fresh. Hopefully within a month these trees will start to bear fruit.If the trees are not taken care of properly, they will not give good yield so it is very important to take proper care of the works



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  • These are the small brinjal trees in our garden. These tree have been planted a few days ago and the trees seem to be taken care of. Because if the trees do not come out properly, they will not be able to give the right yield. Dung manure should be applied to the plants. So I am digging the soil from the roots of the trees.


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  • You can see these are the pea-pod tree in our garden. The pea-pod trees were planted a month ago. There are two ways to eat peas. Peas are eaten as vegetables. They are eaten by picking fruits from pea-pod trees.


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  • In this picture you can see the cultivation of red spinach in our garden. Spinach is cultivated in our garden all year round. Most of the time these are planted to meet the demand of the house but the extra vegetables are sold in the market. These have been planted a few days ago. In a few days, these plants will mature and be eaten.

I would like to say one thing for all of you, all of you plant a vegetable garden in your backyard and meet the demand of vegetables at home. And everyone should eat more and more vegetables because it helps us to build our body easily. Everyone should eat vegetables every day according to their physical needs.


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