Filecoin Launch! What is the hype about?



Filecoin was one of the most anticipated token sales in 2017, and their ICO raised $257 Million. Today they launched their mainnet.

Quick bytes:

0:08 The G20, comprising countries across every continent, announced it’s working with the IMF, the World Bank, and the Bank for International Settlements to formalize the use of central bank digital currencies.

1:00 released “EOS-IO for Business.” The idea is that Private databases will be replaced by high performance private blockchains.

1:23 Ownership of Electric Coin Company, the developer of zcash, is being transferred to a US non-profit. Minezcash told me: “As a 501c non-profit ECC will have greater transparency and accountability requirements. Now all development funds from block rewards will be going to non-profit organizations.”

2:18 Today Filecoin launched their mainnet.

Filecoin is a decentralized data storage and distribution network that will potentially compete with storage giants like AWS, dropbox, and content delivery networks like Cloudflare.

Erik Voorhees says:
“this is easily one of the most professionally built, carefully-executed, and valuable projects that has emerged from the ICO era.”

I chatted to Coindesk senior reporter, Brady Dale, about how it works.

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