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Bitmex bombshell: CFTC suing BitMEX for potentially billions, because it "knowingly allowed US people to trade using VPNs", among other things. Which exchange will be targeted next? What does this means for crypto traders?

Class Action Lawsuit against Overstock, accusing them of fraudulently pumping their stock by saying it would offer a digital dividend to shareholders, was dropped.

CFTC order Salt Lending to refund investors in their ICO

Zcash proves that private crypto transactions are compatible with AML/CFT regulations, and
Gemini becomes the first regulated exchange to support shielded Zcash withdrawals.

KuKoin hacked - it's estimated that 281 million dollars worth of cryptocurrency was stolen from their hot wallet on Friday

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong sent out a letter to workers offering them a generous severance package if they disagree with the latest culture shift in the company. This move has cause a lot of division.

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