Mushroom Monday - Boletus Variipes

Here's an interesting mushroom I found for #mushroommonday by @balticbadger

The features of this mushroom include a netted rough stem, often bulbous with tan pores.

The cap is brown, lumpy and cracked. It hardly looks edible but this is one of the best tasting boletes.

They are a very dense mushroom with alot of weight in the cap. I often find them tipped over from the weight. If you cut the cap it takes a long time for it to stain brownish which is a good sign. Often nonedible boletes tend to stain a blue fairly quickly.

I also found a couple more laccaria ochropurpurea, note the white spore print. This means they are edible, brown spores would mean its a poisonous lookalike. These taste like normal mushrooms but with a firmer texture.

Finally I found a russula being attacked by a mold, I wish this was a shrimp or lobster fungus but those aren't fuzzy like this.

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24.09.2019 15:02

Wow what a great find. It's tricky trying to identify mushrooms. You did a great job here explaining the warning signs.

24.09.2019 15:25

Boletes are a tricky family of mushrooms to navigate, quite a few are bitter others cause stomach aches (the ones that stain or bruise easily). Then as it turnes out the funky looking one is edible.

24.09.2019 17:37

The funky ones sound cool. Who doesn't like funk? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘

25.09.2019 18:04

That looks delicious! I would love to find one of those, I have found a few boletes but none that were edible. Thanks for participating in #mushroommonday! 4bzztwrqlw.jpg

24.09.2019 15:30

You should have some boletus edulis aka king boletes in your area.

24.09.2019 17:39

Probably head out to a hardwood forest to find them. My grandpa from germany used to harvest them from deep wooded areas over there.

24.09.2019 18:21

I will definitely keep looking! Plenty of forests around here

24.09.2019 21:09

How can you identify that they are edible.

24.09.2019 15:42
24.09.2019 16:38

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24.09.2019 16:03


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24.09.2019 16:35

And tasty too, the taste kind of reminds me of blue cheese and mushroom mixed together.

24.09.2019 17:42


25.09.2019 02:56

Don't think I have seen those Laccaria ochropurpurea before.

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24.09.2019 21:33

They are a bit deceiving from a distance as they look like a brownish white mushroom from a distance. But then they have purple gills.

24.09.2019 22:08

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25.09.2019 09:41

Thanks :-)

25.09.2019 17:25

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25.09.2019 10:53