Day 1 Update - Steemit Campaign On Instagram 248 Reach [10% payout to]

10% payout to


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Hello all. A few days ago I did a Campaign through my own Instagram account. There I made a post about #promo-steem. By using Instagram we can reach a wider audience and are accordingly targeted.

Campaign Purpose

Campaigns on social media certainly have their own objectives. From these goals, there is a common goal of the social media campaign.

  • Creating and maintaining relationships with consumers.
  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Increase website traffic
  • Drive sales.
  • Increase overall brand engagement.
Information Detail
Post created ‎29 ‎April ‎2021
Report created 01 May 2021
Social Media Instagram
Ads paid No
Impressions Reach Interactions
272 248 2

Details of the total impression

  • From Home : 235
  • From Profile : 32
  • From Hastags : 1
  • From Others : 4
Likes Comment Interactions Saved
41 3 0 0

Maybe that's all the information I can provide on this occasion.

Special Thanks to :
@arie.steem | @ponpase| @pojan
Regard @sisol

Comments 2

I hope to see you make a lot of friends for steem through your promotion. thanks

01.05.2021 16:07

Thank you @mcsamm. I saw you doing a great #promo-steem all this time.

01.05.2021 21:08