SteemChurch: Telos Expansion Phase 2 - Telos Diamonds

Ladies and gentlemen of the SteemChurch,

'Peace be with you.'


Telos Diamond.png

It is with great pleasure that this Knight announces that our Phase 2 Telos Worker Proposal has now been lodged.

The following IPSF document will provide you with the link you need to view the full proposal.

Phase 2 Proposal

In brief, we are seeking 50,000 TLOS per month, for 12 months, to fund our continued expansion into the Telos blockchain.

Funds will be distributed to parish leaders and other senior Church executives to assist cover expansion costs.

We have had over 3,300 parishioners, their families and friends, register for SteemChurch Telos during phase 1.

We are now targeting 1,000 new parishioners each month!

We are boosting the referral reward up to 3 TLOS and have 2,500 TLOS per month set aside for prizes for those participating on the Telos blockchain via Golden Censer.

With this incredible growth we are experiencing on Telos, this Knight can't help but feel sad that it is not being replicated on Steem. However, it is hoped that SteemChurch is soon granted a Steemit Inc delegation, which in turn would provide us with the resources needed to bring hundreds, even thousands, of parishioners from Telos onto Steem as well. We are still waiting to hear how our application went.

Be well SteemChurch family - and do not forget to open the door, when opportunity knocks.

I am... SirKnight.

Image thanks to @edxserverus - Telos Village Goldsmith.

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03.09.2019 14:03

Thanks @sirknight for this update, let's wait for the time it takes to establish ourselves according to our vision everywhere, one of the things we have learned is that sometimes it is necessary to start again so that the bases are firm and that you are with the As time goes by, persevere and achieve the purpose that God desires, we are at the doors of new times.


03.09.2019 14:04

It took this Knight many sleepless nights and busy days to build this. Thanks our golden Knight.

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03.09.2019 14:15

In this work proposal, everything that has been achieved in this time is really locked, thanks @sirknight for all the effort, also @darlenys01 for that powerful vision and not to mention all the brothers who contribute to the growth of our beloved church .

03.09.2019 14:53

With this initiative, many people will benefit and the expansion of Steemchurch and Telso will continue.
Thanks @sirknight.

03.09.2019 14:58

Excellent news @sirknight, we believe with great faith that steemchurch will expand throughout the territory and in the world.

03.09.2019 15:13

This is indeed a great news for the Steemchurch International Ministries. Thank you @Sirknight for your great labours of love. We will continue to spread the love abroad to many families and Nations of the world.

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03.09.2019 15:23

Thank you @sirknight for this updates of working proposal of Telos.

03.09.2019 19:10

Thanks @sirnight, for such excellent news. Blessings.

03.09.2019 22:56

Thank you brother SirKnight for such important information. Blessings

04.09.2019 00:01

I am excited to be in this family.
I want to be that shinning light for my generation!

04.09.2019 12:42

Our expansion is really a success! Thanks to your great push and drive.

I hope our delegation request response will be favourable!

04.09.2019 20:20

Has anyone made a proposal request for funding yet?

Seems like that may stand a better chance getting funded rather than a delegation from Steemit Inc.

04.09.2019 20:23


Anyone looking to create the SteemChurch token/tribe on steem-engine?

06.09.2019 19:57

Hi G, no mate, we already have our own token - the Beatitude on Telos. Listed on two exchanges already including NewDex.

How have you been?

08.09.2019 11:03

Success is ours and i believe with God everything is possible.

05.09.2019 21:46

The sirknight with a broad shoulder

08.09.2019 10:53

saludos desde Venezuela

08.09.2019 22:27

Excellent Sk always thinking about the good of the collective. Greetings and blessings

18.09.2019 20:08

The knight really has a lot for the church.
Please I have not been able to access my Telos account because I am only using my phone (android).
How can I go about it. My own quota is also important.

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26.09.2019 01:47