SteemChurch Telos expansion: Getting started.

Ladies and gentlemen of the SteemChurch,

'Peace be with you.'

Six months ago we began our expansion onto the Telos blockchain - the most advanced and most decentralised blockchain on the planet.

In this time we have set up nearly 4,000 accounts for our parishioners, their families and friends.

Over the next 12 months we will be bring on at least 12,000 more parishioners, as we expand opportunity for Christian employment, trade, finance, social interaction and entertainment.

More and more dApps are moving to Telos and the token price is rising - and with this, so does general interest and adoption.

All going well, the Telos Worker Proposal system will be sponsoring SteemChurch to the extent of $5,000 per month to make our expansion happen - and we will need everyone involved.

Time for you to start learning about Telos and the best place to start is here.

This video was created by the Telos marketing101 team, funded solely by the Telos worker proposal system. Evidence that decentralised platform development is achievable on blockchain.

Please be sure to subscribe to this channel, check out the other Telos videos and share them all with your family and friends.

The Christian migration to a better, fairer and free monetary system begins here and now - and begins with you.

Seize the day.

I am... SirKnight


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Thank you so much for participating in the Partiko Delegation Plan Round 1! We really appreciate your support! As part of the delegation benefits, we just gave you a 3.00% upvote! Together, let’s change the world!

21.09.2019 01:30

Fantastic! Thank you for this information!

21.09.2019 01:43

I am done with registration waiting for approval....this is really a good advancement on the whole Christian community. Thanks for the privilege given to everyone by @sirknight. God bless

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21.09.2019 01:57

Hello Marvinix - how long ago did you register?

21.09.2019 02:26

Going to two weeks now, sorry about the late reply am starting my exam soon

29.09.2019 00:47

Thank you sirknight for the information.

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21.09.2019 02:53

Thanks @sirknight for the update, all the friends of our community are invited to subscribe to "Telos Feed".

Apostle Darlenys

21.09.2019 03:39

Thank you @sirknight, @sc-telos is the best I will be very happy to subscribe.

21.09.2019 08:13

Freedom are ahead of us with this family of Telos Church, let us all be part of this great opportunity. Thanks for this updates @sirknight.

21.09.2019 08:23

Good news about the expansion to Telos, with this video many people will have knowledge about the advantages of this wonderful blockchain. Thank you @sirknight for keeping us informed.


21.09.2019 14:36

Thanks @sirknight more grace upon your life.

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22.09.2019 06:08

When we make ourselves available, then he’ll use us for his glory. Our experience in Steemchurch International Ministry is one of it’s kind.

We’re forever grateful unto God for raising men in all generations of his people, and now he raised you @sirknight for this crucial assignment which you’re doing well, freedom is here for the meek, and righteousness is assured as we remain focused looking into the mirror of the word.

22.09.2019 06:17

Telos is sure heading somewhere bigger!

22.09.2019 10:40