SteemChurch Infrastructure: The Golden Censer & Dmail

Ladies and gentlemen of the SteemChurch,

'Peace be with you'

This Knight does firstly apologise for his Steem posting absence. Whilst he has been keeping track of your posts, the determined Apostle Darlenys is keeping him very busy building SteemChurch infrastructure on Telos.

Today however, SirKnight decided he must write to share a few very exciting developments.

Firstly - we are at 2,100 SteemChurch parishioners and this is amazing! We should all be very proud.

Finding the chosen ones, all 144,000 of us, the first and favoured Christians of SteemChurch, will take many years yet - but we are now well on our way.

In the meantime however, know that there will be plenty of development taking place. Leading us on to...

SteemChurch Infrastructure.


The Golden Censer.

Sin título-1 small.png

The Golden Censer is a Telos smart contract which you can interact with using your Beatitude HEARTs ... and it is set to be ignited within 24 hours!

Once burning you will be able to send a HEART to the Golden Censer from your Telos account. The Golden Censer will then infuse your HEART with its sacred fire. The sweet holy incense created will then return unto you a new blessed HEART, along with the wisdom of the Holy Bible.

Every HEART you send will fuel the Golden Censer and spread the word of God across the blockchain. And with every HEART you send, the Christian spirit will grow stronger.

Please be sure to thank the incredibly talented Viterbo Rodriguez @viterbo, our Telos Village Goldsmith, for our Golden Censer image designs.

Viter will let us know at the SteemChurch Telegram Group once he ignites 'goldencenser'.

And once it starts burning Ladies and Gentlemen, we must never let it stop.

Telos Dmail.

A couple of days ago, our SteemChurch Leader Apostle Darlenys said unto me, 'SirKnight, we need an email system for our Church.'

She continued...

'SteemChurch members need to be able to communicate safely, securely and privately. They must be able to do this if we are to develop our own trade, finance, commercial and logistical networks. And SirKnight, this task falls on you'.

As 'luck' (or perhaps 'He') would have it though Ladies and Gentlemen, this has been taken care of.

In approximately 1 month - Dmail will be launching on Telos.

Dmail is an encrypted emailing system for all Telosians.

We will all be able to log into Dmail via our Telos accounts and we will be able to message anyone else within the Telos blockchain.

This Knight was quick of course to volunteer the SteemChurch to be the Dmail Beta Testers for the Telos launch.

To begin with we will only be able to send and receive individual messages. In time however they will grow, as we will. In time we will be able to send messages to multiple recipients, forge contact lists and build our financial networks on the back of this blockchain communication platform.

To all those in the SteemChurch and to all those still to come SirKnight says -
'Smile, for our fortunes are changing.'



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Thanks @sirknight, excellent news!


09.07.2019 13:38

Thank you Lady Ricci. I have noticed that sc-v and heaven bread have been doing some amazing things too of late, helping those in need in Venezuela. SteemChurch is truly an amazing place to be.

09.07.2019 13:44

Good news. new hearts will be given to us. excellent .. very good with the new email

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09.07.2019 13:44

You will see Brother Daniel - you will see. Not long to wait now.

09.07.2019 13:45

Peace be unto sirknight. May you not lack more oil. Keep on keeping on.

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09.07.2019 13:50

:) Thank you P.

09.07.2019 14:00

We in Steemchurch Nigeria Parish are so excited with these infrastructural developments. Indeed, July is our month of MANIFESTATION!

Thank you @Sirknight


09.07.2019 13:52

Indeed July will be a good month for the SteemChurch Brother.

09.07.2019 14:00

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09.07.2019 14:01

Wow, this is a great development. Let's keep the fire burning so that the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ will continue to spread.

Thanks to @viterbo for creating the Golden Censer contract and thank to @edxservus for the Golden Censer image designs


09.07.2019 14:12

Thank you so much for participating in the Partiko Delegation Plan Round 1! We really appreciate your support! As part of the delegation benefits, we just gave you a 3.00% upvote! Together, let’s change the world!

09.07.2019 14:31

Hi, everyone!
I'm glad to announce that the goldencenser smart contract is now online and working.

As you can see in the image below, anyone who sends any amount of HEARTs to goldencenser, will receive the exact same amount of HEARTs along with a quote from the bible, just like I did.

Thanks SK for these words. I'll talk to you in PM.


PS: this is a screen capture of the following url:

09.07.2019 17:23

Thank you @viterbo!!

10.07.2019 01:27

What is the nomenclature on Telos? Is it "goldencencer.jc"? Orrr

10.07.2019 04:07

Am so excited to hear this incredible news . Thanks SK.


09.07.2019 17:51

Wonderful developments. Glad we have so great a multitude in our Telos Village...

09.07.2019 20:23


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10.07.2019 01:12

Happy to read you @sirknight, it is beautiful "The Golden Censer" thanks @viterbo for supporting the growth of the church in the world, it is also important that we are on par with the development of the TELOS platform and be the first to enjoy and appreciate their kindness, control and monitoring of what is to come.


10.07.2019 01:26

Thanks @sirknight for the information.

10.07.2019 02:49

I thank God for the courage you've got to push forward on the Telos blockchain for the good of Steemchurch. Thank you @Sirknight. This is a huge infrastructural development for the First Church of the Blockchain.

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10.07.2019 04:05

This is an amazing news. I love the name goldencencer

10.07.2019 07:38

If anyone thirsty let him come and drink from the river of life! With our Golden Censer, the word is always closer to us!

This is powerful! Now our Beatitude HEARTs can bring the sure words to us through the Golden Censer!

This is very important to us @sirknight!

Thanks to you immensely brother @viterbo for being here for the kingdom!

11.07.2019 00:47

How incredible it is to be so behind with just a twinkle of an eye.... I'm sure gonna catch up with this one....

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25.07.2019 15:07

Magnificent design to say the least 🏆

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25.07.2019 15:10