"Need for improvement" Marcus Rashford

Manchester United form has been in very unstable from the beginning of the season after the opening day 4-0 win again the London side (Chelsea).

Manchester United on 3 wins so far with 4 draws and 4 losses

Win against chelsea 4-0
1-0 against leicester city
And the 3-1 win against Norwich city

I've been a loyal supporter of Manchester United long before I could even spell "Manchester"
It has been a sad and a disappointing start to the campaign.

Manchester United has 3 teamsheets and I can say that the coach is not using the people in the right position.

I see no reason why Ashley Young should be starting ahead of Marcus Rojo.

The coach has lost his attacking flare and I don't think the players are that bad.
Coaches have achieved more with players of far less quality than the current Manchester United first team.

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