Man Utd making plans to sign Eriksen before transfer window closes (Mail)

Manchester United are curreny working on sign Tottenham midfielder Christian Eriksen just before the end transfer window on Thurday.

Manchestited are making plans to finalise their signings, but they will have until September 2 to negotiate sales, including that of Paul Pogba, to foreign clubs.

The 27 yd had hoped to move to Real Madrid but Real Madrid have shown more interest in Pogba and Ajax's Donny van dde Beek.

If the 2 old fails to move from Tottenham after Thursday's deadline, thee likes

of Juvenus and Atletico Madrid will consider making cut-price bids of around £50million to tempt Surs.

The ar old contract runs out in 2020, meaning Tottenham risk losing him for nothing next summer.

> Englat Spurs chairman Daniel Levy's original valuation of £130m for Eriksen at the start of the window. United may offer half that ssum.

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