Last week of July


The amount of paper-work that MUST be completed by this week is ridiculous. Whats even more ridiculous is that the data required for the completion is missing and not provided by the dependent party.

And the dependent parties have little clue of what they need to do. This all happened because of the deadline being set at end July was a very last minute notice from authorities that will only accept the application forms before the said deadline.


The mad rush is not yielding results. Not only that, we are supposed to MOVE OUT of the physical premises by also the same deadline (end of July) to a new place. And the amount of stuff in the office to get packed into boxes are ALOT.

And to top that off, we don't even have sufficient boxes to pack them into. ARRRGGG


And because of the urgency of the paperwork, the computers cant be shut down and packed in advance... ..a catch 22.

I fear the worse is going to happen...

Thank you for hearing my rant. I'll update what happens when it happens. All photos in this post is from

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22.07.2019 09:07