The Diary Game - Better Life 24 April 2021

Hello, dear diary.
I woke up late today as usual. I used to go to bed early in the first days of Ramadan, but now I stay awake until sahur. That's why I wake up late. When I woke up I looked at my social media accounts. I follow energy, economy, and political developments on my Twitter account. I also started sharing the homework I wrote for crypto academy on this account. I try to explain the Steemit world to people around me in this way as well.
I wanted to welcome you today with a very nice photo. As we know, 22 April was the Earth Day. In this context, NASA shared very beautiful photos taken from Earth's space. The messages given as part of the Earth Day are very meaningful. There is no other Earth and it is up to us to protect our world. In this context, it is in our hands to keep our environment clean and protect it.


After this meaningful sharing, I wanted to take care of my books. It was long before iftar time and I had to deal with something. I love reading books but I like buying books more. I have a lot of books. I haven't read some of these books yet. I put my own signature on all the books I have purchased or have been gifted to me. I like it very much. The seal you see in the photo is a gift from a friend. Knowing that I love tea very much, she created the contents of the seal as tea and book. This is my signature now :) I signed my signature on my last purchased books. I dealt with this until 2 pm. Meanwhile, I even edited my library. I also need a second library because my sister and brothers also have a lot of books.


I have many tasks to do. I especially have homework related to my graduate courses. Also, I do not want to neglect the Steemit platform. I am working to produce better quality content every time. When my duties increase, I immediately take note of it. I write what I will do and start doing it in turn. I put the most urgent ones in the first place and started to do it without wasting time :) For example, my first task was to prepare news for the energy newsletter. We prepare a newsletter every two months about developments in energy. I compiled news about the developments in the energy sector in the last two months and sent it to my friend. You can reach our news link here:
By the way, the glass you see in the photo of my to-do list is empty. I put it there for decoration :)


Let's talk a little bit about food :) My mother made this dessert you see. We usually consume it with tea. This dessert has been made in our region since ancient times. We call this dessert "egirdek" in Kurdish, but I don't know its Turkish name. The materials my mother used; flour, oil, and yogurt. We used a strainer to shape it. I also supported the shaping process :) After cooking, we poured sherbet on it and started eating. Bon Appetit :)
We watched a movie with my brother after iftar. I realized that I hadn't read a book for a few days, and I read about an hour after the movie. Tonight I waited until sahur and slept towards morning.


Take care of yourself dear Steemians.



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Kitap okumayı bende çok seviyorum. Dünya resmi çok güzelmiş. Tatlı da güzele benziyor. Ellerinize sağlık :)

25.04.2021 21:15

Çok teşekkür ediyorum okuduğunuz için. Üç durumda da katılıyorum size :)

26.04.2021 10:31