The Diary Game - Better Life 12 April 2021

Hello to everyone. Tomorrow is Ramadan and I woke up early today. I want to eat a delicious breakfast. We prepared with my mom and finished our breakfast around 10 am. After that, I searched for some steemit contents and take notes. I am a new user and I have to learn most things. I have spent time on the computer till 13 pm. That's enough for today because I need to get ready to go outside. I will meet my friend. I went outside 13. 45 pm and waited for the bus for half an hour. I was not bored because I listened to music during this time. Also, you can see me, the sun, and the bus station signboard :) I have to go to Fatih district. Fatih is a central district in İstanbul and it is very very crowded. There are lots of nice and historic places. Especially Fatih district is a tourist attraction place. My bus way took one and half hour. My friend waits for me at Aksaray metro station and we met there. It is a known place in the Fatih district.


We had lunch together in the lovely seller of the liver. I like the liver and can eat it every day. When we meet with my friend, we prefer these places generally. He knows it and searches these places for me :) We ordered the liver and they gave us most of the appetizer before the liver. We started to eat these appetizers, very delicious. After the liver that they offered tea and coffee but this coffee was very interesting. The name of this Menengiç Kahvesi tasted like white coffee. I forgot to take picture of this coffee.


We walked around half an hour after lunch. I need to go to a mosque for prayer time. I went to a very famous and historic mosque in Aksaray square. The name of this mosque is Pertevniyal Valide Sultan Camii that had built-in 1871. Dou you believe that it is 150 years old. Interior decoration was wonderful and glamorous. We left there around 5.30 pm and we need to drink tea. I and my friend like tea.


We found an authentic tea garden near the mosque. Their tea was very delicious and I do not forget their tastes. After Ramadan, I will go there again. Their decoration was very clever. There were little chairs and tables. Also, several pictures about İstanbul. On the left side, you can see the tea boiler. There were four pots over the boiler. And also if you want to drink coffee you can find it here. We drink lots of tea there (not coffee) and chatting about some topics about our life.


I need to some sea air and we walked to the seaside. It was not far away from the Aksaray. We walked for around half an hour. We came to Yenikapı seaside. It was not crowded as a matter of fact that was a surprise for me. I thought that before Ramadan most people go to the seaside. You have to gain round to finished this seaside, it is very long. We bought a fresh tea and cracked the seeds with a peerless view.
I back home around 8.30 pm and eat dinners alone because my family members ate their dinner before me. I drunk plenty of water thanks to Ramadan and slept at midnight. I was in a fever about sahur time. Maybe some of them do not this name and I can explain it to you. Sahur is the meal consumed early in the morning by Muslims before fasting. You can find detailed information here:


Have a nice day and a happy Ramadan.





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