The Diary Game - Better Life 11 April 2021

Dear Diary, today I was at a home all day long. Today is Sunday and in İstanbul we can not go outside because of lockdown. I did not go to the grocery even. I woke up at 8.30 am. It was early for me. Normally I wake up around 9 or 10 am. I woke up early because my brother also woke up early. He did not go to work and we want to breakfast together. Actually, I like early breakfast but sometimes I defeated for sleeping.

Anyway, today is a good day thanks to my family. I have missed my big brother because I had not seen him since 2017. He has upstate and he turned one month ago. I am so happy about this and I want to pass the time with him. As soon as he comes he starts to work thus, today is precious to me. On the other hand, I said before my sister is in our hometown (Van city) now. When I prepared breakfast she sent me the below photograph. It is a special cake from our hometown. As you know that our breakfast is very famous and you can find these cakes in every bakery or patisserie. You can find detailed recipes with this link. It is Turkish but I think you can understand with video.

Vak pastası.jpg

We could not eat these cakes but my sister will bring us when she comes. It does not spoil very quickly. Thankfully we have other delicious foods for breakfast. I tried new foods the first time and I confused egg, some spices, and white cheese. Normally some people add kashar cheese instead of white cheese. It was really delicious and I did not exaggerate. You can try it :) We finished our breakfast around 11 am and I rested for a while. Then, I cleaned up the house, after that we drunk tea with my brother and mother. Around 1 year I unemployed and got organized our home duties. I clean up at the house every second day.

üçlü yumurta.jpg

I finished cleaning at 2 pm and I watched my favorite series. It is name is Brooklyn Nine-Nine from the Netflix platform. I love it and I will miss it because it is about to finish. When I watch I just beam from ear to ear :) This series about a detective subject. As you see in the photo, Peralta (right) and Raymond (left) are lead actors. There are lots of lead actors in this series but two of them my favorite. I watched only one section because I do not want to finish it quickly.

Brooklyn 99.jpg

Okay, I have not enough time for fun activities. I need to study for my thesis, I have to read articles and do my homework. As you know that I have two lectures from my master's program. I read an article and some pages of my book between 4-6 pm. That's a good job for today.

I have not talked about my favorite team. I felt ashamed of myself :) My team is a special part of my life. I am a fan of the Beşiktaş football team. I like this team and today we have an important match. We have to win because there is little time left for the season and. Who knows maybe we will be champion after 8 weeks. Hopefully :) Beşiktaş win this match and I have just followed with the summary section. We kicked four goals and we took and advantage of the next match. After an enjoyable time, I wrote my diary contest and now I will go to sleep.

BJK maç.jpg

Have a good day Steemit world :)


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