My Town in 10 Pics- İstanbul- 12/04/2021

Today I went to go to Fatih district for you. I took very nice pictures. You can see just some of them. I will explain how I go to Fatih from Başakşehir district. My travel took half an hour by one bus. I was so bored during the travel because the bus was crowded. As you know that tomorrow Ramadan will start and people go outside shopping.

The place is the Şehzade bus station where I get on the bus in Başakşehir.

This is a typical İstanbul bus. When I get on the bus it was empty. Also, during the Covid19 every public transport vehicles cleaning up.

A roundabout in Başakşehir.

A new megacity project. You can see lots of like this project in İstanbul in recent years. Huge and disordered structures.

A very very beautiful mosque in Fatih district. The name is Pertevniyal Valide Sultan Camii. It constructed in 1871. Amazing.

Brilliant interior decoration of Pertevniyal Valide Sultan Camii.

A typical tea garden in the Fatih district. Tea has unique tastes. I tried it for you :)

Another type of tea garden. There is a huge part of the bridge and the tea garden is under this bridge.

Yenikapı seaside. There are lots of enjoying tools, fresh tea, and ships.

A subway station in Kirazlı town. You can transfer here to go Başakşehiir.

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