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When The Avada Kedavra Failed - Dear Justin Sun (@justinsuntron / @justinsunsteemit) - My (@simplifylife) open letter to you!

Dear Justin Sun,

Let me tell you a story....

The story of Harry the strongest Dark Lord of all time, failed to kill a 6 month old baby, and kept failing over and over despite being the most feared Dark Wizard!

Harry's Parents were sold out to the Dark Lord by Ned Scott Peter Pettigrew, their secret keeper, aka the owner of keys.

Do you see where I am going with this? No..? Keep reading.

The Dark Lord only wanted Harry, but his parents sacrificed themselves to protect Harry. But it all seemed to go in vain as the Dark Lord stood in front of the helpless, small steem power owning minnows and dolphins powerless 6 month old baby and pointed his wand at him.

Avada Kedavra...

The killing curse was cast, a curse NO ONE has ever survived in the history! What chance did baby Harry have! There were the typical flashes of green light of the Avada Kedavra and after the flashes dimmed, Baby Harry was sitting there with only a tiny scar on his forehead. The Dark Lord was nowhere to be found.

A powerless Harry survived the strongest curse of the strongest wizard! Why? No one knew, not at that point in time!

But Dumbledore, The wisest wizard of the century, knew. The witnesses and the experienced Steemians Dumbledore knew. And he used that knowledge to maneuver the battle for the next 18 years, and it was his knowledge that protected The Steem Community Harry over and over from the wrath of Justin Sun the Strongest Dark Wizard.

What is it that Dumbledore knew....

Dumbledore knew it was Love, the most ancient form of magic, that protected Harry. Dumbledore knew, it was the only form of magic Lord Voldemort had no clue about. It was the magic that was going to be their hope in winning the war against the Dark Lord.

Do you see where I am going with this @justinsunsteemit? No..? Not yet...? Okay, let's carry on then!

When Voldemort returned for the Final Battle of Hogwarts...

...he was sure this was the time he would win, for sure. He was prepared with a very very POWERFUL army of sock puppet witnesses Death Eaters. And what did Steem Community Hogwarts have? A few whales experienced teachers and professors and a whole bunch of minnows and dolphins clueless 13-14-15-16-17 year old students!

Oh what chance did hogwarts have...!

But what Lord Voldemort failed to apprehend was the Love these clueless students had for their steem blockchain home. What He failed to realize was, even though one at a time, their steem power strength was nowhere near that of the sock puppets death eaters, but combined, with unity, these minnows and dolphins along with the whales clueless students with guidance from the professors and experienced wizards would overpower his sock puppets army of death eaters!

When Voldemort cast his killing curse on Harry for the penultimate time and was in the top 20 in control of the fight, he felt he had won. He felt, he finally owned the blockchain killed Harry.

But the STEEM community Harry fought back.

And then for one final time, with all his arrogance, unwilling to accept defeat, Lord Voldemort cast his killing Curse on Steem Blockchain Harry Potter one last time, that is what brought on the demise of the most feared, strongest Dark Wizard of all was the end!

A few final words..

The Lord Voldemorts Never win, dear Justin. Neither will you.
No, I'm not saying you can't still pour tons of money in this fight. You absolutely can. You have the money to do it. But what do you expect to gain from it? The bridges you've burnt, there's no fixing that. So there are only two outcomes of this war, neither of which ends in you winning.

  1. You Lose.
  2. You eventually manage to win and kill off our blockchain, but NO ONE from this community follows you to you shitchain, and so you LOSE anyway!

Choose what you wanna do wisely, dear Justin. You surely don't want to let your millions of dollars investment go to garbage. Be wise and don't be arrogant. Don't go on to cast the Final Avada Kedavra to bring on your own demise!




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