How to Transfer Euro (EUR) and Crypto Currencies as a Donation or Membership Fee

Donations can be done in Euro (EUR), Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP) and Steem (STEEM).
Membership fees should be paid in Euro (EUR).
Received EUR, BTC and XRP will be changed into STEEM and sent to a dedicated steem account which belongs to the association
Simplex World Society*. The further procedure depends on the section you support.

Bank Transfer of Euro (EUR)

Your bank account is located within the European Union (EU), Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino or Switzerland

Status at the end of 2019
... then use an EU-SEPA-Form for SEPA bank transfers of Euro (EUR):
Payee Simplex World Society
IBAN CH43 0900 0000 1540 4468 4
QR Code of Payee, IBAN and SWIFT/BIC AddressSEPA.png
Reason for payment Your SWS-ID (if you have one) and the purpose, e.g. CO2Fund

Your bank account is located in any other country then those listed above

... then use a form for foreign bank transfers and add:
Name and address of the bank PostFinance AG, Mingerstr. 20, 3030 Bern, Switzerland
euroSIC Clearing-No. 090002


Transfer of Crypto Currencies

Bitcoin (BTC)

BTC Address at Binance | 14L9EscPHezQbcwCAifmgzaDRDwCKLSTqKLSTqy
QR Code of BTC Address | AddressBTC.png
SWS-ID (if you have one) and the purpose, e.g. CO2Fund*

Ripple (

XRP Address QAMpouq933sBQHfR4aAGwAQuSqAnjbKp
QR Code of XRP Address | AddressXRP.png
| Your SWS-ID (if you have one) and the purpose CO2Fund

Steem (STEE (STEEM) or Hive (HIVE)

||Steem/Hive Account | smplex-world
R R Code of Sof Steem/Hive AccountAddressSTEEM.png
SWS-ID (if you have one) and the purposeO2Fund

* Other notations are: Destination Tag, Message, or Payment ID.

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