Steem Cameroon Best day Contest 11/04/2021


My fellow steemians,
I want to appreciate the @steem-cameroom community for these wonderful opportunity given to me once again this week to talk about my best day of the just concluded week. It's really a wonderful week and you will enjoy my story. I am particularly praying for you all that the same favour I had these past few weeks will extended yo each and all even as you read through my post.

My Best Day

My best day was on 11/04/2021. It was on Sunday and that happen to be my birthday. For those of us who are Catholic Christians, that very day was the day we celebrated the feast of Divine mercy. On this faithful day, I woke up around 12:30am with a phone call from a lady I have been asking out for a very long time. She was the very first person that called me to wish me a very happy birthday and also gave me the good news of my life. She finally accepted to be my girlfriend after 3 years of chasing her. That was actually the very first thing that made my day on that very faithful day.

I went to church for morning mass and behold I saw even a more bigger surprise. Been a member of the youth forum, the youth surprisingly made a birthday cake for me without anyone telling me about it. It was really a huge surprise as I least expected that from them all.

My birthday celebration with friends

After the celebration in the church, I went back home and rested. Guess what? I was then visited by the very lady I have been asking out for long. Surprisingly she came with some gift for me and promised that she will love me with her entire heart.

Myself and my lovely angel

In the evening of that same day, I was invited by some of course mate who organised a party in honour of my birthday. Sincerely, it was like a movie to me because every thing was happening so fast. I went with my newly found love and we partyed all night.


I want to appreciate first and foremost God Almighty for making all these possible. I must confess I least expected these. I enjoy you all to celebrate with me because they joy is still full and I can't help than to celebrate it with you guys. Till these moment I still see it as a magic.

Thanks for reading...

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